UK: Biofrontholes Now Nagging Oldest All-Male Fishermen’s Club to Let Them In

Marina Gibson

Have you ever in your life seen a woman fishing?

The answer is “no.” I can just answer the question for you.

Women have no interest in fishing. They have great interest in forcing themselves into areas where they are not invited.

The Independent:

Britain’s oldest fly-fishing club is facing mounting pressure from campaigners to admit women for the first time in its history.

The FlyFishers’ Club was established in 1884 and currently has around 600 male members – with King Charles as a patron.

While it has strictly been gentleman’s only in its 193-year history, there have been calls in recent weeks for change as female anglers fight for the club to be more inclusive.

Marina Gibson, a fly fishing instructor and guide, said she would “absolutely love” to join the club and called for them to embrace change.

She said during an event at the Hay Festival: “I don’t go to London that often but if I did, I would just love to go and sit and read a book and talk about fishing to other fishermen.

“I think a lot of people have a difficult time with change and I completely understand that people want to keep it as it is, but I think that there are so many really hardcore women anglers out there and they would all love a chance to go and sit there at lunchtime – because we’re not allowed in at lunch – and just chill.”

Her statement came weeks after the renowned Garrick Club voted to allow female members for the first time since 1831.


Ms Gibson echoed another campaigner, Lucy Mantle, chairman and co-founder of the City Flickers fly-fishing organisation, who wrote an open letter to the club’s president earlier this month.

The open letter posted on Instagram reads: “In light of the recent press reports on the Garrick Club, I thought the timing might be right to raise my concerns.

“I am of course aware that the club was founded in 1884 as a ‘gentlemen’s club for fly fishers’, but it now seems increasingly anachronistic and archaic to continue to ban women given the vast societal changes that have occurred.

“There are many of us – both men and women – who view the policy as indefensible, unsustainable and, above all, unwise for a whole series of reasons.”

She added: “Whatever the fears of some members, I can confidently assert that, although we may sometimes wear colourful dresses, most women anglers… know how to behave.”

She signed off: “I am sure this issue has arisen on several previous occasions. But, as the Garrick experience has shown, it won’t go away and momentum is building. Please help do the right thing. And yes, I would have liked to join.”

Join and do what?

You’re not going to fish.

I know that, you know that, we all know that.

You want to join and start manipulating the male members and turning them against each other in order to get attention focused on yourself.

We all know how this works now, women. It’s not a secret anymore.

Everyone knows.

And we are already putting together plans to make Western nations into nations modeled on the Taliban.

Islam is right about women