NHL Bans Anal Flag Tape on Hockey Sticks


This is good news.

I mean – I’ll take what I can get, right?

The Post Millennial:

The National Hockey League has announced that effective immediately, players will no longer be allowed to wrap their sticks with rainbow-colored tape before hitting the ice on Pride nights, should their team choose to host one at all.

The move comes just months after officials banned Pride jerseys from being worn by those on the ice or behind the bench following backlash from many who said being obligated to do so violated their personal freedoms and sincerely held beliefs.

According to the Associated Press, the league sent out a memo to teams last week explaining that updates had been made regarding participation in themed nights.

Under the new guidelines, players cannot alter their equipment to show support for various causes, be it Pride, military appreciation, or Hockey Fights Cancer. They can, however, do as they please off the ice.

The Pride Tape Team is disappointed

In response to the news, players such as Toronto Maple Leafs’ d-man Morgan Rielly said he would “continue to be involved in the community and offer support to those communities and those groups that want that.”

“The only difference this year is we’re asking the clubs not to employ use of the players on the ice,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said in an interview with Sportsnet. “We had some issues last year with players feeling uncomfortable supporting certain causes and we didn’t want out players to be put in that situation going forward.”

There is no way you could have banned any anal symbol a couple years ago. In fact, people were being forced to wear anal symbols, and being punished for refusing.

What changed is that the anal movement decided to fully align itself with the “kidnap, rape, and mutilate children” movement, and make it clear to the world that it is one movement. Any and all criticism of the child tranny movement was framed entirely and exclusively as “anti-gay.” Eventually, that message got through, and people now identify anything associated with the rainbow flag not with the decades of “Will & Grace” style homosexual propaganda, but with the agenda to harm little kids.

So now, you’re allowed to be against gays again.