Nick Fuentes on RT Talking About the Haggard Moron Ted Cruz

Nick Fuentes talked to RT last week about the mass shootings and the idiot Ted Cruz not being able to explain the Second Amendment or why mass shootings happen.

It’s before all of the failings of the cops in Uvalde were revealed, but it’s still worth a watch because it’s Nick.

It’s from around the time I wrote this article: Just Answer the Question, Ted: Why Do These Mass Shootings Only Happen in America?

That was five days ago, I guess.

Nick does a great job with these interviews on RT. It’s a great fit, and I hope they start having him on every week. The panel last time was a lot of fun when he felted that fat boomer retard who said Elon Musk just wants to buy Twitter so he can sell people batteries.

Niggas was calling in to report a murder on live TV.

I said it last time and I’ll say it again: Nick needs to get on Indian TV.

Indian TV is so much fun. It’s all just completely uncensored debate, and almost all in English (the country has like 700 languages and because it was a British colony, English is an apolitical lingua franca). Arnab has the best show. He’s the Indian Tucker. It’s also the most popular show in the country, so Nick probably couldn’t go straight on there, but on one of the smaller shows. He can just email them and show his RT interviews and they’ll let him on. Then he can work his way up to Arnab.

RT is cool, it’s very neat the way they let you say things you’re not allowed to say on Western TV. But on Indian TV, you can just say whatever. Frankly, they would probably let me on to debate Jews.

I’d be like, “Arnab, the Holocaust did not happen – but it should have!”

Arnab would be like, “Mmm, okay, now, Professor Bergowitz, how do you respond to the claim that the Holocaust was a false event, but that the Jews actually deserved to be wiped out? Is faking this event proof mass killing should have happened?”

“NO NO NO – you are an anti-Semite! I did not know that there were so many ANTI-SEMITES in India, but this explains why you have such a love affair with RUSSIA!”

“Professor Bergowitz, Professor Bergowitz. Please calm down. Do not yell at me, sir, please, I’ve asked you a question: why did you fake this event?”

“THIS IS A TROPE AND A CANARD – we did not fake anything! The Jewish people are the most oppressed people – do you want me to show you the picture of my grandmother’s tattoo, that she got in a DEATH CAMP??”

“Sir, this is what I am asking you: did you fake the event? Mr. Anglin has alleged that you faked the event so that you could manipulate the world for sympathy and funnel money to your country in the Middle East that you stole from the Palestinians.”


“Do not yell at me sir. Please, calm down, calm down. [Jew muted] Mr. Anglin, Professor Bergowitz says his grandmother has a tattoo. How do you respond to this claim?”

…and so on.

Honestly, I think every non-Western country in the world has TV like this, where they just let anyone say anything, and it’s just that on Indian TV they speak English. America is literally the least free country in the world. I know this is true for the Philippines, but they’re not really in the game of international politics. But that’s a country where they elected a guy on the promise of mass extrajudicial killings of drug addicts, and then he actually did it, and they would have debates with some woman coming on and saying people deserve trials and some guy from a university saying the police should just start summarily executing people in the streets for any crime. Some guy would be saying that internet scammers should be shot without trial.

It’s something Nick should look into. I’m sure he would be really popular, and now that he can show these RT clips where he’s being called a CEO, there’s a 100% chance some relatively popular Indian show in English would bring him on. Then he can forward those clips to Arnab. Frankly, a lot of these Americans on Indian TV are freaks and morons, so if Nick made some appearances on smaller shows, Arnab would probably start getting emails about him.

The entire Indian right-wing has basically denounced America as an imperialist terrorist pirate state, and you have outrageous pro-Russia shilling on TV. Sometimes they have Americans living in Russia, but mostly it’s Russians with thick accents arguing with American Jews. It wouldn’t be hard for him to ingratiate himself with the Indian audience when arguing with these Jews and become a regular. (At some point, he would have to say of his Jewish debate opponent: “This guy sounds like a Pakistani, making these completely disingenuous arguments.”)

And it would not be for nothing. Firstly, Arnab might be the most watched television host in the world. He definitely blows Tucker out of the water in the category of “most watched English news show.” Of course, Indians aren’t Nick’s demographic, but the memes would be amazing – the shows stream on YouTube and have open and completely unmoderated livechats. So it would pump some more serious energy into AF. It also boosts the profile internationally, and could lead to appearances on more international TV.

When arguing with his enemies, Nick could say: “After Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump, I am the single most popular white man in all of India. Who are you?”