Nigel Makes Some Light-Weight Comments Defending Putin While Speaking on Proposed EU Army

Daily Stormer
March 12, 2015

Nigel might not be Ben Garrison, but he's alright.
Nigel might not be Ben Garrison, but he’s alright.

Speaking on the proposed idea of an EU army built to fight Russia, UKIP leader Nigel Farage seemed to voice sympathy for Putin.  He also noted the idiocy of the Ukraine situation and the EU role in creating it.

Though he didn’t mention American Jews literally funding these fake Nazis to overthrow the government at the Maidan.


The notion of building up an EU army to counter Russia was the brainchild of European Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker. Farage quickly noted that the idea is already happening, despite many European leaders being against it.He pointed to a conversation he had with Nick Clegg – leader of the Liberal Democrats and the UK’s deputy prime minister – a year ago, during which both men agreed that the idea of a European army was a dangerous fantasy.

Farage then cited examples of the European Defense Agency, EU battle groups, an EU Navy operation against pirates off the coast of Somalia, and article 28 of the Lisbon Treaty, which provides for collective EU defense.

He went on to say that the EU was the catalyst for the conflict in eastern Ukraine, due to its territorial expansion.

“We poked the Russian bear with a stick and unsurprisingly Putin reacted,” Farage said.

Harking back to the words of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who said “the EU is not a project about peace but a project about power,” Farage accused Juncker of being opportunistic by calling for an EU army.

He also countered the European commissioner’s statement that “We must convey to Russia that we are serious.”

“Who do you think you’re kidding Mr. Junker?,” Farage said. The comment was a reference to the sitcom ‘Dad’s Army,’ in which a group of old men try to fight off a German invasion. The show featured the lines “Who do you think you’re kidding Mr. Hitler, if you think old England’s gone?” Farage’s comment was met with laughter from British MEPs.

“We do not want any part of an EU army and I doubt the peoples of Europe do either,” he added.

Though you can say what you want about the European soft right, if they were to be in power, we would have a lot less problems than we have right now.  It isn’t a solution, any more than a piece of bread is a solution to starvation.  But it is a piece of bread.

If the soft right were to take power in Europe, we would at least have the breathing-room to regroup and figure out real solutions.  As things stand with the current governments, we’re all going to be either buried in a mass grave or singing Allah Akbar within a decade.