Northern Ireland Elects Dyke PM as Mommy Occupation Government Leader!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2020

You know what?

You can just go and screw yourself, Northern Ireland.

It sickens me that I ever thought you were based and a good role model for the other White nations. You ain’t nothing but a pussy-ass bitch nation that I can no longer take seriously.

Is this what fighting the English was all for?

See, I instinctually understand why the very thought of having Margaret Thatcher rule over you with her iron dyke grip caused you to rebel – and I wholeheartedly supported you in that struggle because of that.

But now you’ve gone and put another dyke in her place?

For what purpose? 


The Northern Ireland Assembly has picked the head of the Democratic Unionist Party, Arlene Foster, to serve as the region’s first minister after having previously failed to choose one for several years. A member of the rival Sinn Fein, Michelle O’Neill, was picked as her deputy in the new cabinet.

The solution to the political deadlock was found after Northern Ireland’s rival nationalist and unionist parties agreed to a new power-sharing scheme. Foster described the new power-sharing deal as “fair and balanced” and later stated that she was “deeply humbled” to take on her new role as first minister.

So this is what compromise looks like, is it? To me, it looks like selling out. How long do we have to wait before this broad throws open the borders of Ireland to unlimited Paki migration? One month? Two?

You better believe that this is the beginning of the end, lemme tell you.

The agreement between the rival political factions was reached just ahead of the looming deadline on 13 January that would have forced a new local election to be held. Additionally, London incentivised the sides to reach the agreement by promising financial support to the region if a coalition government is formed.

I wonder how many incentives they’ll give to the Irish politicians is they start teaching tranny sex in the schools, because we also know that that’s what’s coming next.

If I were the UK, the first thing I would do to pacify a population would be to send in the tranny shocktroopers and follow it up with Paki rape gang auxiliaries. The coup de grace would be putting a dyke at the top to make sure that all of this was rubber-stamped and rammed through to make it all legal and the only decent people left in the country criminals in the eyes of the law.

This is not hyperbole. We’ve all seen what the Mommy Occupation Government can do. 

We damn near had a mean mommy take control of America in 2016. And they rolled out a whole new batch of mean mommies this cycle.

So don’t tell me I’m exaggerating – all of Europe is falling like dominoes to these wenches, with disastrous consequences.

Women who go into politics are complete monsters.


End of.

Simple as.

They are more bloodthirsty, more tyrannical and more incompetent and treacherous than any man politician ever could be. Even that Jew comedian in Ukraine is doing a good job compared to what these sick cunts are doing in places like New Zealand, which may or may not be completely Islamic at this point, I really couldn’t tell you.

Point being, no w*man politicians – EVER.

The loving smother of the Mommy Occupation Government

Anyway, time to close the book on Northern Ireland. They’re well and truly fook’d now.