Norwegian College Not Advertising to White People

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
August 5, 2014

These science labs need more diversity, goyim.
These science labs need more diversity, goyim.

Apparently, White Norwegians don’t go to college according to this advert produced by a college in Oslo.

Colleges and Universities are particularly anti-White places to be, because on the one hand they will deny that race exists or is important, but on the other hand it is unacceptable for a college to be “too White”.

This advert specifically chose to feature no White people because it does not want to advertise to White people. If they didn’t want to make this about race they would have included all races, but instead they exclude White people, therefore they are saying they have enough of White people, and they advertise specifically to non-Whites because they want more.

This is not just something exclusive to this college…a while ago, a college in the USA said it wanted to hire more non-Whites, so it featured only non-White people in their adverts.

Could you imagine if a college advert in China decided to include no Chinese, or no Asians people at all? It would not be an accident, it would be a deliberate decision made by whomever was making the advert.

This is only a small puzzle piece and we should not obsess too much about this. The larger picture is one of White genocide across the globe.

White Genocide is carried out by first opening the borders of White countries, and flooding them with millions of non-White immigrants. Then, the next step is to force “diversity” on every White area. Adverts such as these, serve the latter step.