Ohio Highway Patrolman Gave Thugs a Lift Right Before They Allegedly Shot a Man in the Head

July 28, 2013

carryout_suspects_side_by_sideDevonere Simmonds, 17, and Nathaniel Brunner, 18 were finally arrested after what police say was a two country spree of crime and terror. Columbus police believe the suspects murdered Imran Ashgar at a convenient store in Columbus, Ohio and severely wounded another man at a gas station east of Columbus. They were caught sleeping in a stolen car near Dayton.

What is most shocking is that after they allegedly committed many crimes in Columbus, including murder, an Ohio State Highway Patrolman gave them a lift to the gas station where they allegedly shot a man in the head and took off in his car. The officer never checked them for weapons or warrants before giving them a lift.

From Dayton Daily News…

Two teenage carjacking suspects from Columbus were arrested in Dayton at about 9:30 a.m. and are currently being housed in the Montgomery County jail, according to the county’s emergency dispatch center.

The suspects were found sleeping inside a car with the engine running at the rear alley area of 38 Wroe Avenue in Dayton.

The two are suspected to have been involved in a carjacking and near-fatal shooting earlier Saturday morning in Madison County, west of Columbus. The Ohio State Highway Patrol has confirmed it started when a state trooper picked up the teens just minutes before the shooting and apparently had dropped them off at the TA truck stop on I-70.

Lt. Anne Ralston of the OSP said standard operating procedure would be for a trooper to pat down anyone being given a ride and run their names through state databases. it would appear that wasn’t done early today.

Within five minutes of the trooper dropping off the suspects , who are believed to be Devonere Simmonds and his friend Nathaniel Brunner. One of the two teens is suspected of firing a shot into the head of a man pumping gas and taking his car.

“This is a very serious situation and we are investigating it thoroughly,” Ralston said. Other authorities said the two men had been walking along the interstate ramp at Rt. 42 and I-70 near the truck stop and that’s where the state trooper had contact with them.

Madison County sheriff Jim Sabin said he believes that the two suspects wanted out of a shooting and carjacking at a truck stop on I-70 this morning are the two suspects that Columbus Police were looking for in a number of crimes this week, including at least one homicide.