On Twitter, You Tweet. On X, You… “Do an X”?

Changing the name of Twitter to “X” is the worst branding failure of all time. It is also a direct insult and an identity theft against the single greatest rapper of all time, DMX, who went by the name “X.”

Elon Musk is obsessed with this letter. Okay. Well, Google has Alphabet, Facebook has Meta. He could have created a parent company and called it X.

He kept comparing his plans to WeChat. But on WeChat, you have apps within the app, which have different names. WeChat’s “Moments” is a Weibo-like service comparable to Twitter. They also have “Channels,” which is another form of social media sharing within the app.

If Elon would have created a parent company called X, he could create a separate X app through which you could access Twitter (but also access search, payment, crypto, maps, finance, etc.). He could leave the Twitter app as a standalone app for a while, then make it so you can only access Twitter through the X app. But the “app within an app” would still be called “Twitter,” and tweets would still be called “tweets.”

It’s very, very obvious that getting rid of the name “Twitter” is one of the worst possible business decisions anyone has ever made. It’s really shocking.

What is the verb when you post an X message? The only possible options are:

  • Doing an X
  • X/X’d/Xing
  • Giving an X to ya

In all of these cases, Elon could end up sued by the estate of famed rapper DMX.

That would make all of these lawsuits from the Biden Administration look like play time at the kiddie pool. DMX’s family lawyers are all convicted felon crack dealers who do not play games.

What’s more, along with stealing his brand, Elon ripped off all of X’s views on homosexuality:

Last I heard, y’all niggas was havin’ sex (uh) with the same sex (woo)
I show no love (yeah) to homo thugs (nah)
Empty out, reload, and blow more slugs (boom)
How you gonna explain fuckin’ a man?
Even if we squash the beef, I ain’t touchin’ your hand (aight?)
I don’t fuck with chumps (yeah)
For those that been to jail
That’s the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps (uh)
I don’t fuck with niggas that think they broads

I’m going to defend the real X until my dying breath.