Oregon: Girls of Any Age Can Now Kill Their Babies Without Parental Consent

One thing I’ve noticed about America is that women need even more freedoms.

I think frankly that just like the blacks, they should be able to commit any crime with no punishment.

After all, we are trying to build a utopia, are we not?

Life Site News:

Oregon’s leftist governor signed legislation recently that will allow some teenage girls to get abortions without parental consent.

An amended version of House Bill 2002 on “Reproductive Health Rights,” which came after Republicans staged a walkout to delay the passage of the bill, includes language to allow girls 15 years and older to get abortions without parental consent.

However, there are broad exceptions in the law that could allow girls of any age to get abortions without their parents’ consent if they believe procuring an abortion would result in “emotional abuse.”

How do you measure “emotional abuse”?

How do you even define it?

H.B. 2002 creates a “fundamental right” to “terminate the individual’s pregnancy.” Governor Tina Kotek, a lesbian Democrat, signed the legislation on July 13 with minimal fanfare, according to KOIN 6.

A 10-year-old girl could consent to the abortion if the “health care provider” believes parental involvement “may result in the physical or emotional abuse of the minor or the neglect of the minor” or “would not be in the best interest of the minor.”

The legislation also requires insurance companies to cover the surgical and chemical mutilation of gender-confused individuals.

The bill drew support from the Oregon Food Bank, whose goal, ostensibly, is to ensure people don’t go hungry.

So cringy…

“At Oregon Food Bank, our day-to-day decisions center the experiences, leadership, and needs of communities that face disproportionate hunger and poverty – and we know that hunger and poverty are outcomes of a lack of access to reproductive healthcare,” the group claimed.

The legislation also prohibits Oregon government employees from helping other states prosecute rogue abortionists who travel to other states and illegally commit abortions, unless those abortions would also be illegal under Oregon law. The bill “protects healthcare providers from out-of-state investigations and legal action,” KOIN 6 reported.

Oregon joins other liberal states in embracing the Democratic Party platform on abortion, which is to allow for the killing of innocent pre-born babies through all nine months of pregnancy. Leading Democrats also oppose efforts by other states to prosecute rogue abortionists.

“Rogue abortionists.”

It’s too bad Cormack McCarthy is dead. This seems like something he could write a really fascinating novel about.

Why does this dyke care so much about abortion?