Over 90% of Parents of Moroccan Minors Who Zergrushed Spanish Enclave Don’t Want Their Kids Back

It’s beach boy all over again

Can’t really say I blame them.

Nobody wants to have Moroccans around, not even other Moroccans.

Free West Media:

Not quite the picture of parental concern or duty: After the illegal entry of 2000 unaccompanied minors in Ceuta, 92 percent of Moroccan families contacted said they would like their children to stay in Spain.

This week, Ceuta began to focus clearly on the problem which, in the shape of more than a thousand unaccompanied Moroccan migrant minors, has created a crisis.

The flood of children was triggered by the neighbouring country Morocco on May 17. It is enough to walk almost anywhere in the city, from Benítez to Santa Catalina, to see that there may still be hundreds of young people on the streets, even though the local administration has already taken in 1125 of them. The minors will soon be distributed to the various autonomous regions within the framework of the “unprecedented” solidarity mechanism.

Among the new arrivals, the city has 920 registered by the police. In Piniers there are 171 boys and 67 girls. In the Santa Amelia sports center, 245 men and in the Tarajal warehouses, 364 others.

The procedure prescribed by law and which the child protection service headed by Toñi Palomo follows “to the letter” has started to move forward in the screening process with the help of the NGO Save The Children. They have already carried out more than 150 personal interviews with children and adolescents.

The result of these conversations was “devastating” because 92,5 percent of parents prefer that their children stay in Spain “for socio-economic, family reasons, lack of money, poverty, increased cost of medicines… ”, and in only six cases the parents agreed to take their children back.

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