Owen Shroyer Pleads Guilty to 1/6 “Restricted Area” Behaviors, Faces Up to a Year in Prison

Shroyer couldn’t plead not guilty to standing on stairs.

The charge was “standing on stairs” and he definitely stood on those stairs.

It’s strange that Alex Jones hasn’t been charged with standing on stairs, as he was standing on stairs next to Owen.


InfoWars host Owen Shroyer has pleaded guilty to illegally entering a restricted area during the US Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, acknowledging he took part in the chaotic scene while maintaining that he never set foot in the building.

Shroyer accepted the guilty plea in a legal filing published on Friday, agreeing that he breached multiple closed-off sections of the Capitol grounds alongside InfoWars chief Alex Jones, a misdemeanor offense. He is said to have rallied other rioters during the incident, and at one point stood atop the Capitol steps to lead the crowd in chants.

While the conspiracy-minded commentator initially said he attempted to deescalate the situation, prosecutors rejected that argument, noting that Shroyer was heard shouting “death to tyrants” and calling for revolution while at the Capitol.

Shroyer’s defense also maintained that he had traveled to the event as a journalist, and that the government was violating his constitutional right to “protest, speak freely and report the news.”

“The First Amendment permits and protects the rights of individuals to assemble and engage in demonstrations that confront and criticize the government, even when those demonstrations become rowdy or unruly,” defense attorney Norm Pattis wrote.

The prosecution similarly dismissed that reasoning, saying Shroyer’s “claimed status as a journalist does not immunize him from criminal prosecution.”

Well, MSM journalists actually entered the Capitol and filmed.

The case against Shroyer was unique in light of a previous deferred prosecution deal in a separate case, related to a 2020 incident in which he interrupted a congressional hearing. Under the agreement, he pledged not to use “loud, threatening, or abusive language, or to engage in any disorderly or disruptive conduct, at any place upon the United States Capitol grounds.”

While Shroyer still awaits his sentencing, trespassing on a restricted building or grounds can carry a penalty of up to one year behind bars, without aggravating factors. 

Probably, he will not be sentenced to a year. People with good lawyers are not really getting those kinds of sentences.

But maybe he will.

Maybe he will come out jacked and redpilled on the Jews, and do a Wagner-style coup against Alex Jones.