Oz: Patriots Roast Pig Outside Commie Terrorist-Condoning Australian Broadcaster Studios

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2015

The United Patriots Front strikes terror in the hearts and stomachs of Islamic terrorists and their supporters armed with a roasting pig.
The United Patriots Front strikes terror in the hearts and stomachs of Islamic terrorists and their supporters armed with a roasting pig.

Security was finally tightened at Australia’s national broadcaster when patriots staged an impromptu protest outside ABC (Australian Bolshevik Commission) studios in Melbourne on Saturday, The Daily Mail reports.

Protesting the ABC’s decision to allow Zaky Mallah — a convicted Jihadist and activist for Islamic State — to insult the government on national TV over its tough policies, the patriots’ rally bolstered what the presence of a convicted terrorist could not.

The decision to grant Mallah airtime led to  widespread outrage, with more complaints being registered against the national broadcaster than in its entire history — and has led to a government investigation into the socialist propaganda program Q&A, as previously reported by Daily Stormer.

It also raised queries about security, which the national broadcaster has just demonstrated only matters when dinky-di patriotic Australians assemble to voice their views — something they’re forbidden from doing on their taxpayer funded broadcaster. Armed with a pig roasting juicily on a spit, the members of the United Patriots Front let the smell of crispy roasting pork blitz the air. This is as opposed to the views of a pig-hating Lebanese swine assailing the airwaves with his hatred of anyone White and non-Islamic.

Mallah once planned to kill members of Australia’s security services in a terrorist attack that he’s trying to argue was just the folly of youth. He also went to fight in Syria for Islamic State, and was allowed back into the country — something new laws would prevent.

The UPF boys timed their protest well, with the smell of roasting pig wafting over multicultural Melbourne during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Exhibiting self-restraint that can only be described as admirable, they resisted tucking into the suckling pig in order to make their point loud, clear, and mouth-wateringly.

In a video posted on their Facebook network, the UPF denounced the ABC as un-Australian for welcoming this convicted terrorist to propagate his views, not once, but twice when even after coming under fire they repeated the program.

“No one wants to realise the truth, everyone is too scared to man up,” shouted UPF organiser Blair Cottrell. He then challenged Australians to pull away the veil of political correctness from behind which his countrymen are being undermined, and to, “Man up,” because, “We (the UPF and fellow patriots) are going to keep doing it!”

Unemployed and subsisting on the taxes that Cottrell and his fellow Aussie patriots pay, the 31-year-old Middle Eastern parasite mocked the UPF on Twitter via his taxpayer-funded Internet connection, Tweeting, “Dildos from the United Patriots Front protesting outside the Abc (sic) Melbourne in great numbers. 5 members and 1 pig. Total 67.”


His communist lovers at the ABC remain unrepentant about their support for this oily beast, with ABC Managing Director Mark Scott dismissing the criticism by arguing that he was, “maintaining independence from the government.”

Of course, Scott — who earns $800,000 a year courtesy of the Australians he hates so much — is full of it. He came to the ABC from the Marxist Fairfax in 2006, where he maintained a strong socialist tone in that un-Australian publishers’ stable of left wing newspapers. Together with Q&A’s anarchist host Tony Jones, they not only make out sweetly on the Aussie taxpayer’s shekel, but they ardently and notoriously promote leftist causes at the expense of any other point of view.

The UPF’s protests precede rallies organised nationally against the left for July 18/19, with the unification of patriot groups against the common leftist foe.

Meanwhile, the anarchist/antifa left has gotten brazen ahead of these rallies, with (failed) attacks on patriots and ramping up of propaganda in Sydney’s inner city.