Oz: Taxpayer Shells Out $640,000 on ‘Gender Identity Treatment’ for Defense Force Personnel

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2015


Australia's highest ranking cross-dresser is a good friend of Australian PM Tony Abbott, who loves Jews.
Australia’s highest ranking cross-dresser is a good friend of Australian PM Tony Abbott, who loves Jews.

Serving members of Australia’s armed forces are increasingly grappling with their biological gender identities and the taxpayer is picking up the bill to right nature’s wrongs, New.com.au has revealed.

Thanks to nature screwing up time and again, not to mention the psychoanalysis staff at the ADF recruitment centres, different branches of the services are funding special treatment for this latest western fad.

Over 30 months, government-supplied shekels were diverted from practical expenditures to ‘combat’ 13 cases of “gender dysphoria”. This is a condition supposedly in which the attention seeking pervert product of a Zionised western culture believes they’re born with the wrong sex. Among these approved resource disbursements were 10 male to female breast enhancements. The cost includes ongoing pharmaceuticals required by the ‘patient’ to keep up the charade.

The most in need of these of these gender identity corrections appears to be the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), which had six of its members undergoing this windfall earner for greedy cosmetic surgeons who’re chasing luxury holiday houses on the public purse.

Following in its weird wake, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) shipped two or three of their nautical nutjobs off for gender reassignment, which is free to these freaks as part of their service contract.

Meanwhile, not to be left out of the insanity, the army approved five homo operations and four fake tit jobs for serving members. And remember, these are Australia’s line of defense against the biggest Muslim population in the world, coming from Indonesia, which sits uncomfortably right above their heads.

An ADF spokesman, or woman, or something surgically altered and in-between told News Corp, “Management of gender dysphoria can be complex and gender reassignment surgery is not performed in all cases. Equity with Medicare is the guiding principle for considering health care entitlements at public expense for defense members. These general principles also apply in the management of gender dysphoria.”

These Rocky Horror Picture Show procedures and supplementary treatments cost around $30,000 per degenerate.

Of course, we know that the eternal Shlomo wants our militaries to be completely undermined and demoralized in the Jew World Order, and thus Australia’s media and government has made a hero or heroine out of one well-publicized sex-change case.

An army marches on its summer blouse and Jimmy Choo high heels.
An army marches on its summer blouse and Jimmy Choo high heels.

Whenever questions of ‘changing military culture’ arise, which is newspeak for faggotising the forces, they bring up this 58-year-old ‘former hero’ RAAF Group Captain Cate McGregor, who was mistakenly born Colonel Malcolm McGregor.

The McGregor fag is the highest ranking transgender warrior in the services. It figured out, well into middle age, that the gods got it wrong when they filled its closet with trousers and sports jackets, instead of blouses and skimpy summer skirts.

So far it hasn’t had the snip (does it use the ‘men’s or women’s dunnies?), but promises when it does have its tummy banana removed, it’ll do so at its own expense. It has, however, begun the transformation process. A former speechwriter and strategic adviser to the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison AO, it offered to resign when it went public with its now trendy illness. Yet, Morrison – possibly being himself into queers – denied its request and had it transferred to the RAAF, which by the evidence of the stats is full of ponces.

Rather than being used for target practice out on the range, this thing instead was put before media, which it told, “It [the army] is probably one of the most trans-friendly environments available in Australia.”

At the root of it all, if you excuse that cheeky noun, is psychology. The defense department stresses that such procedures were only approved when compelled by a recruit’s state of mind, which is crazy talk.

Imagine trying to argue back in the trenches of the Somme that you couldn’t go over the wire because your purse didn’t match your halter-neck.