Palestine Supporters Set Up Protest Camps Across the US

This has now turned into a movement.

We can thank AIPAC, ADL, and the other Jewish groups that were demanding the arrest of students at Columbia and NYU for causing this movement to blow up and spread across America.

The Jews, once again, have been hoisted on their own petard.

You can’t arrest the revolution.


Pro-Palestinian students have set up tent encampments at more campuses across the U.S. to protest Israel’s incursion into Gaza, after mass arrests at similar demonstrations at a handful of mostly East Coast colleges in recent days.

The expanding protests include plans by a coalition of Jewish groups opposing Israel’s actions to close the Brooklyn street where U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer resides. That protest, on the second night of the week-long Jewish feast of Passover, is one of a dozen the coalition organized in cities around the country.

Oh, so the Jewish Senator who supports genocide is being protested during a Jewish holiday?

What is the relevance of that holiday, Reuters?

Should people excuse the Jews for their genocide program during Jewish holidays? Let me guess: because of the Holocaust?

Since Friday, hundreds of students and others were arrested at Columbia, Yale, New York University and other schools.

Critics of the protests, including prominent Republican members of the U.S. Congress, have stepped up accusations of antisemitism and harassment by at least some protesters. Civil rights advocates, including the ACLU, have raised free speech concerns over the arrests.

Yes, of course the Republicans are out there accusing people who protest Chuck Schumer of being antisemites.

The Republicans are worse than the Jews.

Among the new encampments, students at the University of California, Berkeley – a school well known for its student activism during the 1960s – set up tents in solidarity with protesters at other schools.

Also in California, the campus of Cal Poly Humboldt, a public university in Arcata, was shut down after pro-Palestinian protesters occupied a campus building.

At the University of Minnesota campus in St. Paul, police cleared an encampment after the school asked them to take action, citing violations of university policy and trespassing law.

The new protests follow the arrest of more than 120 protesters on New York University’s campus late on Monday, a New York Police Department spokesperson said. Police said university authorities reached out for help, and protesters failed to clear by the deadline given by the university.

In Brooklyn, protesters will hold a Passover Seder, a ritual holiday meal and service, while urging Schumer, the highest elected Jewish American, to support an end to providing U.S. weapons for Israel’s war in Gaza, organizers added.

Calling these people antisemites is not going to do anything other than further weaken the ability of the Jews to use that particular slur to shut down criticism.

What does it mean to say that these people are antisemites?

It means that they do not actually oppose the massacre in Gaza, but are instead pretending to oppose it in order to attack the Jews, because they hate the Jews for no reason.

Of course, that is no different than when I’ve been called an “antisemite.” They claim I hate them for no reason, even as I list off the reasons I oppose them. All of the reasons I oppose the Jews are related to their behavior.

This “antisemitism” nonsense is just gibberish. No one on earth just randomly hates people for no reason. People who hate people have reasons to hate them. Hating someone requires energy, and you don’t just waste that energy for no reason.

The jig is up and the goose is cooked.

You can’t arrest the revolution.