Patriarch Kirill Says Christian Revival in Russia While West Becomes More Depraved

They have built tens of thousands of new churches in Russia since Vladimir Putin took over as head of state. I don’t know what you call that other than a “revival.”

It’s obviously state policy to shape society around the church, with the government pouring money into building the churches. But that doesn’t in any way discount it. These churches are not sitting empty.

People have become more religious since the war began as well.


A revival of traditional Christian values in Russia is a “unique phenomenon,” the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, said over the weekend, warning that the West has set a course for “expelling God from their lives.”

The patriarch was speaking at a newly-built church in Russia’s Siberian city of Tobolsk. The fact that an increasing number of new churches are being built in Russia shows that the nation is going through a “spiritual revival,” he said, calling the new places of worship “an answer to the people’s faith.”

“What’s happening now in Russia is a unique phenomenon,” the patriarch claimed, pointing to the fact that churches in Europe are being “closed” or “turned into restaurants, cafes or dance floors.” Patriarch Kirill then blamed such developments on the policies of Western nations that are “forcefully destroying Christian values.”

These God-denying nations are still looking down on Russia and “seek to teach us,” the patriarch said, adding that “they are almost ready to take up arms” to remake Russia in their image. Russia will simply never follow in their footsteps, Kirill said, adding that doing so would mean provoking a spiritual and moral crisis.

The Western authorities claim “there is no God but only an individual’s freedom,” the patriarch said, adding that this “denial of God has led to the deepest spiritual and moral crisis.” The Russian Orthodox Church judges no one, Kirill said, adding that everyone is free to live as they wish. He still warned that “a life without God is a path to nowhere.”

I think watching the West is making the Russians more religious.

If you look into the face of Satan, there is not much you can do other than turn to Jesus.

What we are seeing in America is the face of Satan. Really, every aspect of it. Imagine they killed all these people in the Ukraine, and think it’s like a joke.

But you really see it with the gay stuff, and this trans stuff. They are mutilating children, and saying it is a positive value.