Peskov Explains Putin Wanted to Speak to the American People

I think we can say that the Putin interview accomplished its mission.

Americans heard Putin, and now they have to deal with the fact that he is obviously not some kind of lunatic. They have to deal with the fact that the media has been lying to them about who Putin is, and that this is the reason that the media flipped out about the fact Tucker Carlson was going to interview him.

The Western media, which is controlled by the Jewish government in Washington, did not want Putin to be seen at all.


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview with conservative American journalist Tucker Carlson this week provided a great opportunity to make people in the West think, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the TASS news agency on Saturday.

Peskov suggested the two-hour interview, which largely revolved around relations between Moscow and Kiev, made it possible for Putin to be heard in the West.

Asked about the interest the interview has sparked, garnering over 100 million views in just one day on Carlson’s X account (formerly Twitter) alone, the spokesman replied that the numbers do not necessarily equate to universal support from viewers.

“We cannot expect that our point of view will receive support. The main thing for us is that our president is heard. And if he is heard, this means more people will think about whether he is right or not. They will think, at least,” Peskov stated.

The spokesman also referred to Putin’s remarks during the interview when he acknowledged that it is difficult to resist Western propaganda, claiming the US and Britain control the major media outlets.

The Anglo-Saxons, one way or another, own all the largest broadcasters, all the largest newspapers, and so on. And against this background, the main thing is to give people the opportunity to become acquainted with our point of view. And in this regard, this is a very good opportunity.”

I don’t really know if I agree with referring to Jews as “Anglo-Saxons.”

It’s sort of funny, because everyone knows what is being said. But they’re not Anglo-Saxons. They’re Jews.

Talking about the “Anglo-Saxon controlled media” is very extreme.

Anyway. It’s a small matter. I suppose there are reasons the Russians can’t come out and start talking about the Jews, so a euphemism as ridiculous as “Anglo-Saxon controlled media” is as good as any. It’s obviously intended to be ridiculous.