Philip Morris Fighting Against WHO to Prevent Worldwide Ban on Smoking, Vaping

So, yeah, they’re trying to… ban cigarettes globally?


Is this real?


The Guardian:

Philip Morris International (PMI), the tobacco and vaping company behind Marlboro cigarettes, is waging a big lobbying campaign to prevent countries from cracking down on vapes and similar products as part of a global treaty, a leaked email reveals.

The company, which has been increasingly focusing on smoke-free products as governments tighten regulations on cigarettes, made $10.19bn (£8.3bn) in revenues from products such as heated tobacco and electronic cigarettes in 2022.

In a message sent by the PMI’s senior vice-president of external affairs last month and seen by the Guardian, staff were told to find “any connection, any lead, whether political or technical” before a meeting of delegates from 182 countries. He described the agenda for the meeting of the World Health Organization as a “prohibitionist attack” on smoke-free products.

There is growing scrutiny of vaping products, with ministers in the UK taking the first step towards banning candy-coloured disposable e-cigarettes in England. A consultation has been launched on plans to crack down on vaping by young people and ban smoking altogether, to create the first “smoke-free generation”. The health secretary, Steve Barclay, said this month he was concerned about figures that showed the number of children who vaped had tripled in the past three years.

The WHO framework convention on tobacco control (FCTC), which takes place next month in Panama, will discuss possible regulation, including taxation, on smoke-free products.

In the email, PMI suggested it had seen the agenda for the convention, which focused on smoke-free products. In 2016, the tobacco company announced a transformation of its business away from cigarettes and set itself an objective to replace them with heated tobacco products, e-vapour products and nicotine pouches.

In 2022, PMI shipped 621bn cigarettes, according to its annual results. However, about a third of its revenues were derived from smoke-free products, while the volume of combustible tobacco products decreased by 27%.

Its vaping and heated tobacco brands include IQOS, Bonds and Veev and it launched its first disposable device in the UK this year, the Veeba.

Yeah, no one even knows what that vape shit is, but we know it’s better than no nicotine.

The email sent on 22 September by Grégoire Verdeaux, the senior vice-president of external affairs at PMI, said: “The agenda and meeting documents have been made public for the main part. Unfortunately they reconfirmed every concern we had that this conference may remain as the biggest missed opportunity ever in tobacco control’s history … WHO’s agenda is nothing short of a systematic, methodical, prohibitionist attack on smoke-free products.”

Tobacco companies are not invited to the event and Verdeaux said despite this he would be in Panama “to publicly denounce the absurdity of being excluded from it while PMI today” was “undoubtedly the most helpful private partner WHO could have in the fight against smoking”. He ended the email: “Whatever happens we are on the right side of history. But it will be a small comfort if we let prohibitionists have it their way.”

“Time is of the essence”, he said, and the consequences for adult smokers and “our business would be material”.

Philip Morris are the unsung heroes of generations.

If it wasn’t for Philip Morris, America would have been wiped out by Mexican savages centuries ago.

People don’t even know the damn history of this country, and how we had to kill all those Mexicans, and how we were chain-smoking while doing so.

The fact that these globalists are claiming to really care about your health is idiotic on its face, and anyone who takes that seriously deserves whatever they get.

These people injected you with an experimental gene therapy that they knew was going to kill millions of you.

These are the same globalists who refuse to put any limits whatsoever on processed food.

Even if you believe cigarettes cause lung cancer – and I’ve seen no evidence of that – the death toll from cigarettes does not even begin to approach the death toll from processed food.

What’s more – obesity creates life-long medical cases, whereas smoking doesn’t do that at all.

Obesity is the obvious health crisis that we all see everywhere. Now, we’re seeing the vaccines as a health crisis everywhere.

But we’re talking about smoking?


Well, in my experience, people who smoke are a lot smarter than people who don’t smoke.

And how about the fact that smoking is the only thing saving the testosterone levels of men who are inundated with xenoestrogens?

Maybe we should look into that, huh?

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.