The Ukraine’s Controversial Meat Grinder Draft Law Now in Force

The funniest part is that they don’t even have enough boxes to put the corpses in.

They’re doing mass graves for all these retards who are totally untrained and just go into fields to get shot.

A lot of them are just being left on the ground.

Russians are just walking into cities and no one is doing anything.

Why are we still talking about this war?


A divisive mobilization law in Ukraine came into force on Saturday, as Kyiv struggles to boost troop numbers after Russia launched a new offensive that some fear could close in on Ukraine’s second-largest city.

The legislation, which was watered down from its original draft, will make it easier to identify every conscript in the country. It also provides incentives to soldiers, such as cash bonuses or money toward buying a house or car, that some analysts say Ukraine cannot afford.


They don’t have to afford it because they are going to die.

If this was actually serious, they would say the female family members could have the car if the dude died. But they’re not saying that.

Oleksii, 68, who runs a car repair shop in Kyiv, worries his business will have to shut down as he expects 70% of his workers will be mobilized. He asked that only his first name be used to allow him to speak freely.

“With the new law, people will be mobilized and we will have to shut down and stop paying taxes,” Oleksii told The Associated Press on Saturday. He said it’s very difficult to replace workers because of their specialized skills. Most of them are already in the armed forces, he said, adding that the law is “unfair” and “unclear.”

Well, if it was clear, it would be a lot more difficult to enforce.

This is the “just grab everyone and throw them into the meat grinder” law.

“But I’m 71 years old and I don’t have any legs!”

The Americans are attempting to depopulate the Ukraine. That is the only reason to keep this war going at this point.

Even essential municipal services will be affected. Viktor Kaminsky, the head of a municipal service department in Kyiv that fits households with heating and repairs utilities in public buildings, said he will struggle to replace mobilized staff and meet demand, even though the law allows him to retain half of workers deemed fit for service.

He said 60 of the 220 people working in Kaminsky’s department will be eligible to be called up. “If they take 30 people from what we have, the problem is we don’t have anyone to replace them,” he said.

Ukraine has struggled for months to replenish depleted forces, as Russian troops are pushing ahead with a ground offensive that opened a new front in the northeast and put further pressure on Kyiv’s overstretched military. After weeks of probing, Moscow launched the new push knowing that Ukraine suffered personnel shortages, and that its forces have been spread thin in the northeastern Kharkiv region.

They are obviously pushing from the north so the hohols pull their troops from the east, then they’re just going to Zerg rush.

But the Ukraine has to move the troops, because otherwise the ones in the north will just keep pushing.

I don’t even understand how we are talking about things that are happening right now in the context of conscription. Are they literally going to give these men no training at all? Just put them on a bus and send them to the front?

The original soldiers, who are now all dead, spent from 2014 to 2022 being trained by the US.

Based on what they’re saying now, they’re not even going to take the time to show these men how to fire a rifle.

Why is there no revolt?