Poll: Golden Dawn Only 4 Points Away From Top Parties!

XA Ameriki
October 4, 2013


The party which is simultaneously slandered by mass media, politically persecuted by the state, and has its supporters violently terrorized by the reactionary Left wing of the globalist vulture continues to smash through all the barricades put up against us. With 15% of the people’s backing, compared to the IMF and Wall Street backed SYRIZA and New Democracy, who are tied at 19%, we are now within a breath of being on top.

A massive campaign by the state mafia, global mass media , and international moneyed elites to silence the dissenting voice of Golden Dawn has wound up backfiring as the Greek people demand answers. The global financial and interloping interests who control Greek politics came out from behind the curtain to demand imprisonment and political violence against Golden Dawn, with the Greek kleptocrats and Leftists who pretend to oppose them acting on their orders. The whole world is watching as masked men drag elected parliament members to prison for their ideals. Greeks have been shown who their real enemies and attackers of their civil liberties are, we see clearly who the only real opponent of the Memorandum of misery is. As hostile propaganda mouthpieces such as The Guardian rub their eyes in disbelief, these developments have led to an increase in our popularity, with more Greeks joining the legitimate political struggle of Golden  Dawn against a government sanctioned climate of terrorism and media attempts at brainwashing.

Our leader and comrades who are behind bars under fallacious pretenses continue to be an inspiration to all of us who struggle for our fatherland. Those who abuse and exploit our people have used almost every weapon at their disposal to destroy the voice of Hellenism that exposes their corruption, but our battle against our corrupt rulers will never end.  One by one, the dominoes of lies and provocations will fall.