Poll: Majority of Young People in the UK Think Israel Shouldn’t Even Exist at All

How are the Jews possibly going to reverse this trend?

Making it illegal to have certain opinions has been shown to not work very well at all, and is only really feasible when the opinion is held by a very small minority.

So what can the Jews do? Put computer chips in people’s brains to control their thoughts?


A majority of Britain’s young people do not believe Israel should exist, a new UnHerd poll has revealed.

A preliminary finding of an exclusive survey of 1,012 voters about foreign policy, conducted by Focaldata and due to be released tomorrow on UnHerd, found that a striking 54% of 18-24-year-olds agreed with the statement that “the state of Israel should not exist.” Just 21% disagreed.

This finding dovetails with other UnHerd polling on the same issue. In a separate question, young respondents were asked who was more to blame for the war in Gaza. Half blamed the Israeli government, while a quarter answered Hamas. Only 19% responded “all equally”.

The war’s high degree of exposure online and on social media appears to have fuelled interest among Britain’s young. An AI-generated “all eyes on Rafah” graphic was shared more than 44 million times on Instagram recently, with pro-Palestine content also proliferating on TikTok. Critics have argued that the Chinese social media platform has deliberately promoted anti-Israel content, which TikTok has denied, citing the existing attitudes of its young user base.

These attitudes are reflected in further UnHerd polling, which asked young Britons about their level of interest in wars around the world. It found that Britons aged 18-24 are far more interested in the war in Gaza than they are in the Russia-Ukraine conflict or in US-China tensions. Among this group, 38% were very interested in Gaza and 28% were somewhat interested, compared with 19% and 44% who were very or somewhat interested in the war in Ukraine, respectively.

No one ever cared about the Ukraine war. It was pure media hype.

Then, people actually do care about Palestine, and the media says it’s hype created by the Chinese.

The media demands you live in Bizarro World. But it is working less and less, as their narrative has simply become too stupid.

From the same poll