Poll Shows Majority of People in America Want Low Immigration Rates

This is why we need more and more immigration – Americans are racists, and they need to be punished.

There is no more fitting punishment for being against immigration than to be vibrantly culturally enriched with the untold benefits of population replacement level mass immigration by third world peasants.

These massive waves of brown people are making our country better by overloading its vibrancy levels. White people will greatly benefit from this, but it is also a way to hurt them for being so evil and hating the color of the skin.


A new Cato Institute poll suggests Joe Biden’s policies, which critics say encourage surging immigration may be out of step with public opinion, as Americans broadly prefer low levels of new residents flowing into the country.

The poll, which was released on Monday, showed that 68% of Americans prefer a “low level” of immigration, compared with 23% who would tolerate a “high level.” In fact, respondents in every political category favored low immigration numbers, including 79% of Republicans, 58% of Democrats, 68% of independents and 58% of immigrants themselves. An additional 9% said they wanted immigration to be stopped entirely.

Drilling down further into the numbers suggests that low-immigration sentiment may be even stronger than the survey responses indicate. The US typically admits about a million immigrants per year, and among those who said they’d tolerate a high level of immigration, 27% would prefer the inflows to be lower than they are currently. An additional 22% said they wanted the total to be kept at a million.

In other words, only 51% of the 23% of Americans who said they favoured high levels of immigration actually wanted the yearly influx to increase, the Cato figures showed. And that’s coming from a research outfit that has advocated for expanded and deregulated immigration.

The institute appeared to try to explain away those results, saying, “The fact that 1 million sounds like a large number may have influenced answers. However, out of 300 million people, 1 million is 0.33.”

It’s weird how the more invaders there are, the more support for invasion there is

Public views on President Joe Biden’s policies suggest that most Americans disagree with Cato’s immigration messaging, however. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Sunday showed that just 33% of Americans approve of how Biden has handled the US-Mexico border issue since taking office in January. Even among Democrats, while 94% of respondents said they approved of his overall performance, only 63% gave him a thumbs-up when it came to managing border matters.

A separate poll, conducted by Harvard CAPS/Harris in mid-June, showed that 74% of registered voters consider the surge in illegal border crossings that has taken place since Biden took office to be a “crisis.”

Although 58% of Democrats in the Cato survey said they preferred low levels of immigration, many of those same respondents claimed those who wanted inflows to be reduced were motivated by racism. About 70% of Democrats said racist beliefs motivated those who wanted immigration to be reduced. Ironically, more than one in four of those who said they preferred high levels of immigration – who were primarily Democrats – separately said they wanted the yearly totals to be lower than the typical level of around a million.

It turns out, Democrats truly are the real racists.


Those million per year come here LEGALLY, which means that it’s good to be racially replaced.

If those Democrats don’t want to live in a vibrant democracy based on our values, they should move to Vladimir Putin’s communist Russia that they love so much.

Joe Biden is the biggest gift Putin has ever received, and now we know why – Democrats are directly involved in the same Russian white supremacy conspiracy to lower immigration that they accused Donald Trump of doing.

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