Popular YouTuber’s Mother Refused Lung Transplant Because She Isn’t Vaxed Against Covid


I thought this shit was over?

Guess not!

The Publica:

A woman in need of a lung transplant has been turned away by the Mayo Clinic after they determined she was not eligible because she hadn’t been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The patient is the mother of popular YouTuber Toby Turner, who called her clinic out on his X account last week.

“The Mayo Clinic rejected mom’s lung transplant due to lack of a full COVID ‘vaccination,’” Turner, also known as Tobuscus, said in a post to X last Thursday. “Mayo with a side of…. Murder?!?!!”

The letter, signed by Dr. Cassie Kennedy of the Mayo Clinic’s William J. von Liebig Center in Rochester, Minnesota, stated that all prospective lung transplant patients must require a full vaccination against COVID-19. This policy was reportedly based on guidance from the American Society of Transplantation and the CDC.

“At this current time, you indicated that you have not received a COVID-19 vaccination,” Kennedy wrote. “If you want to be considered for a lung evaluation, you will first need to obtain this vaccination and provide proof that it has been obtained.”

The post sparked widespread outrage from Turner’s followers, who uniformly condemned the clinic for turning his mother away at her time of need.

“Unvaccinated people need to consider unchecking the organ donation box on their driver’s license and refuse to give blood,” recommended one user. “We don’t get any of that if we need it, and I’m sure they wouldn’t want our organs or blood anyway. Right? This is disgraceful!”

Another user claimed that she had been rejected by the Mayo Clinic for a follow up appointment for having “stroke like episodes” within “minutes” of informing them that she had been diagnosed as “vax injured.”

On the Mayo Clinic’s website, the healthcare provider claimed that “because end-stage organ disease and immunosuppression weakens the body’s immune system,” transplant patients, both pre and post-op, are allegedly more at risk to catch COVID-19. They recommend following guidance from the CDC for those who need to take extra precautions; however, the linked page has since been removed from the CDC’s website.

Speaking to The Publica, Turner confirmed that his family was actively looking for other hospitals which don’t require the vaccine for organ transplants.

This almost seems personal, no?

People have died from this before, and more will follow