Project Veritas: ABC News Anchor Amy Robach was Gagged for 3 Years on Epstein Story!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2019

America’s last investigative journalist, James O’Keefe, has begun his latest info dump on the Jeffrey Epstein case. He just published a recording of an ABC journalist, Amy Robach, going off like a Queen.

Key takeaways: 

  • Those blonde ditzes they have anchoring the news at the major networks aren’t as dumb as they seem
  • Even people who work for the MSM do not believe the official Epstein story they are forced to peddle, but keep their mouths shut, like Amy Robach did

Robach has had to backpedal since this video came out and will probably never be allowed to work in the mainstream media again.

  • Amy Robach was gagged by her superiors at ABC and told not to report the OG Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago
  • We do not know who gagged her, but we do know who the president of ABC News is…

James Goldston, who appears to be Jewish.

Of all the expose reports that James O’Keefe has done, I think that this one will be the one that really redpills the most people.

Either way, it’s clear now that we live in a post-Epstein world.

That means that the term “conspiracy theory” no longer holds any weight. Everyone knows that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered and didn’t commit suicide while in his supermax cell, but we are required to say that we believe the official narrative because if people began to doubt this story, they might start doubting other stories that the MSM tells them.

Our Human Rights Freedom Democracy ™ would come to an end if the goyim began to think for themselves and not just repeat Sanhedrin talking points cooked up by clever Jews at think tanks and universities.

A few words on the Jeffrey Epstein case though: 

We still do not know the sequence of events that led to him getting arrested, and why this occurred.

We do know that he was whacked before he could talk and share secrets about his operation and who his handlers were.

If his handlers wanted to get rid of him, would they have gotten him arrested first, made his story headline news for weeks and then choked him to death while he was in supermax custody?

Wouldn’t two bullets in the back of the skull from a Mossad agent have sufficed? It would have led to a whole lot less media spotlight and you wouldn’t have had a situation on your hands where the entire American public has to continually be gaslit with an official story that makes no sense.

This indicates that there were at least two different factions at work here with different goals. 

One had him arrested, and then the other had him silenced to keep him from talking. Presumably, one faction wanted him to start talking, and the other wanted to keep him silenced. If we look at who might want to keep him silenced, well, his Mossad handlers who were running this international pedo ring from their HQ in Israel might not want that info getting out.

So, really, we only know half the story here.

Here’s to hoping that Project Veritas helps us figure the rest out before they suicide O’Keefe next.