Ben Affleck Finally Comes to His Senses About Jennifer Lopez, Wants Divorce

Note to Anglin: source article dated June 15, 2024. Removed 7 paragraphs. Added some memes at the bottom in case you want to talk about coomerism. Having sex with a 54-year-old woman is actually worse than having sex with a fertile young obese woman. Ben wasn’t trying to start a new family, he was just looking for a mommy. Considering Ben already has 3 beautiful kids with Garner, who’s still surprisingly kind of around for him, a Ben Affleck Redemption Arc could be on the table.*

There is zero point in having a “relationship” with a woman who is too old to have kids.

This is a sick type of fetishism. It’s purely a need to have some woman in your house telling you what to do (men refer to this as “companionship”).

Most relationships are that, actually, because even if the woman is younger, she’s on birth control or he’s pulling out and they’re purposefully not having kids. But at least in those cases, the guy can tell himself “maybe sometime in the future.”

The only reason you should have a girlfriend/wife is if you have kids or are actively attempting to have kids. Otherwise, you have a really sick problem. I don’t care how normalized it’s become, it’s sick.

People have argued with me on this, trying to claim “oh well, it’s hard to have sex, and men want to have sex, so they keep the woman around because they need sex.” That isn’t a valid explanation, and I don’t actually believe it. This sounds like something someone would say if he was reading my work and attempting to make an excuse for his own behavior. You can just go to a prostitute, if you really can’t control yourself. That is exactly the same, in terms of sin, as every time you have sex with your non-wife girlfriend without any intention to get her pregnant anyway. There is literally no sin-related difference between having sex with any girl while purposefully preventing childbirth and having sex with a hooker. All supposed moral difference there was created by secular society. If you are trying to get the girl pregnant, then it is a lesser sin, regardless if she is a prostitute.

I don’t think Ben is really revolting against mommy. Jennifer Garner was obviously a mommy to him as well, but he had kids with her before she left him in the gutter like a dying dog. So I assume he’s just going to do this again.

This is also proof of what Tim Dillon said in that show I posted yesterday: “Money isn’t even good.” People with money have all the same problems as people who don’t.

(I mean, obviously if you’re broke it’s different, but if you’ve got an okay job and a house and a wife and kids, and you’re not stressing, it’s no different than having millions or tens of millions. There is nothing you can do with that money. If that isn’t 100% true, then there is probably a sweet spot where you can do anything you want in terms of going out to eat at nice restaurants when you want and buy cool gaming shit or whatever and never think about money and having millions of dollars. But the gap between the sweet spot of being able to do what you want within reason and having millions or billions of dollars doesn’t really involve any life improvements at all.)

Further, being famous sucks and actually makes your life much harder.

New York Post:

Jennifer Garner was spotted arriving at her ex Ben Affleck’s house Saturday morning as his and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage is reportedly over.

The “Catch & Release” star’s visit comes days after she popped by to celebrate their son Samuel’s middle school graduation.

Garner, 52, was photographed letting herself into his gated Brentwood, Calif. rental home’s driveway in a black sedan. She wore a cream sweater and left her brunette hair down.

Affleck, 51, is staying at the temporary abode as he and Lopez, 54, sort out their troubled marriage, which the singer is reportedly done trying to save.

“Jenny has had enough and she really tried but she can do no more, it’s not getting any better, it’s worse,” a person in the music industry reportedly claimed to the Daily Mail Saturday.

Similarly, a person close to the Oscar winner’s camp told Page Six in May that he’s had it with their union.

“If there was a way to divorce on grounds of temporary insanity, he would,” the individual told us. “He feels like the last two years was just a fever dream, and he’s come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work.”

Despite efforts from all three parties, Affleck and Lopez are seemingly moving toward a separation as they have reportedly been showing their $60 million marital mansion to potential buyers over the last few weeks.

Not gonna say I support divorce. Although, since they were both already married, this was a fake marriage anyway.

Most likely he’s just going to do this again.

I don’t really think this is related to the coomer meme, and these more recent memes about dealing with fat girls are slightly different from the coomer meme.

But some people probably haven’t seen this, so I probably shouldn’t just delete them.

*I left that note in so that people understand what “contributed to by Elvis Dunderhoff” usually means.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.