Pushing Back Against the Abortionist Donald Trump, Arizona Maintains Hardcore Anti-Abortion Law

Donald Trump is going nuts over this Arizona law, saying that Arizona needs way more abortions. He’s also condemning the Florida ban on abortions past six weeks. Six weeks is really just common sense even if you’re very pro-abortion, as this means that as soon as a woman finds out she is pregnant, she can go do the abortion. But Trump wants 16 weeks, which means a woman has a few months to consider whether or not she wants to murder her child.

In pandering to abortionists, Trump is not bothering to consider the demoralizing effect that this will have on his base. I can’t even believe Trump is out there demanding more abortions. I was shocked by this, but now it’s been going on for months, so I’m accustomed to it.

A couple of weeks ago, he said “oh well, let’s just leave it to the states,” and I was like “how simple is that?” But now he’s back out there saying Arizona needs more abortions and they should stop trying to stop abortions.

It’s the same thing with the Ukraine. He went out there and said he wanted to continue funding the Ukraine, giving this retarded explanation that he will give them “no interest loans” instead of “aid” (as if there is effectively any difference between the two), and now he’s out there saying he just wants the Ukraine to surrender all lost territory to Russia.

He was saying the Jews should finish off Gaza, now – at least as far as I know – the last thing he’s said is that there should be a ceasefire.

He flip-flops like this, and you don’t know what his position is going to be. It becomes a “you have to vote for him to find out what his positions are” situation.

The Guardian:

Republicans in Arizona halted an effort by Democrats on Wednesday to repeal an 1864 law banning almost all abortions, which the state supreme court this week ruled could go into effect.

The move came after Republican lawmakers in the state had denounced the court’s decision, including some who previously expressed support for the law. Donald Trump and other high-profile Republicans, such as the Senate candidate Kari Lake, had also declared their opposition to the ruling with Lake urging lawmakers to “come up with an immediate commonsense solution that Arizonans can support”.

Oh, Kari Lake, the stupid whore, also wants more abortions?

Aren’t these two supposed to be “far right”?

The Arizona supreme court ruled on Tuesday that the 1864 law can go into effect – though it may not happen for weeks. Under the law, which predates Arizona’s statehood, there are no exceptions for rape or incest and abortions are permitted only if the mother’s life is at risk.

Democrats and one Republican lawmaker sought to repeal the law, but Republicans moved for a recess, preventing a vote on the matter.

The decision is expected to have major repercussions in the state and could significantly impact abortion access across the US south-west. Political strategists have said that the near total ban would draw moderate voters to Democrats and mobilize young voters and voters of color.

“This was an earthquake of epic proportions in Arizona politics,” said Barrett Marson, a Phoenix-based Republican strategist. “Anytime Republicans are talking about abortion, they’re losing. Now, I think the only issue is going to be abortion.”

I don’t even support this “exception for the life of the mother” thing. If my wife was pregnant, I would prefer she die giving birth. It’s healthier for the child if the mother is dead. Mothers do nothing but abuse their children, as we’ve seen.

Furthermore, with all of this “mental health” gibberish, the woman can say she’ll kill herself if she can’t have an abortion, and that probably qualifies as “risk to the life of the mother.”

There should be zero abortions. The equipment to perform the abortions should not even exist.