Putin Says Satanmerica Threatens Russia’s Traditional Values

A darkness hangs over us.

Putin is continuing his assault on the moral (or lack thereof) foundations of the Satanic American Empire, saying that Russia wants nothing to do with any of it.

These critiques of the soullessness of the American machine really hit home. We do not live in a country anymore.


Actions taken by Washington and other “unfriendly nations” – as well as transnational corporations, certain NGOs and media outlets – threaten Russia’s traditional values, President Vladimir Putin said in a decree on Wednesday. The new document sets the principles of protecting and preserving the values Russia considers the basis for “defending and strengthening its sovereignty” as well as “preserving the people of Russia and developing their human potential.”

Reliance on its traditional values stemming from Russia’s cultural and historical experience is what helps the nation to effectively face new challenges and threats while keeping its identity intact, the decree said. Among the values listed in the document are life, human dignity, human rights, patriotism, high moral ideals, close-knit traditional family, historical memory, continuity of generations, as well as unity of all peoples living on the territory of Russia.

Putin’s new policy is aimed at “preserving and strengthening traditional values… through generations,” as well as “countering the spread of destructive ideologies.” As examples of such ideologies, which are “alien to the people of Russia,” the document lists the “cult of  egoism, impunity and amorality,” the “denial of patriotism and family values,” and LGBTQ+ propaganda.

The cult of egoism, impunity and amorality – is he talking about Judaism?

A high-ranking Russian defense official recently described Judaism as a satanic and supremacist cult when listing off the satanic ideologies that are promoted in the Ukraine. Russia has shifted from de-Nazification of the Ukraine to de-Satanization.

“Actions of extremist and terrorist organizations, certain media outlets as well as actions of the US and other unfriendly nations and some transnational corporations… pose a threat to traditional values,” the document notes.

According to Putin’s decree, this threat should be countered through policies targeting the youth, education reforms, and support for literature, art, films and media outlets promoting traditional values. 

That’s a very good idea. It is art and literature that has undermined traditional values, and the Jewish machine that produces this filth in Hollywood has spread it all over the world.

Regrettably, this filth is universally appealing. The music and movies – basically everyone in the world relates to it and wants to take part in this global satanic ritual.

Russians have gone in with this – particularly the women (obviously). Excising it will not be easy. But the biggest issue is simply saying that you want to do it. It also doesn’t hurt that so many of the American media and entertainment companies pulled out of Russia as part of the sanctions regime.

It’s very comforting just to know that it is possible for a leader of a white country to stand up and say he’s getting rid of the filth. It should make everyone feel a little bit less hopeless.

Good on Putin.

The American people need an exit strategy. But we are just so far gone.