Putin Visits Vietnam, Continues to Gather His Forces Against the Army of Darkness

What we’re looking at here is a sort of Lord of the Rings type situation.

Do you remember the Lord of the Rings?

So, you had this evil force gathering in Mordor (America) preparing to march on Middle-earth (the free world).

Putin is basically Frodo, leading the Fellowship of the Ring. China is obviously the elves. Now they’re going around gathering their forces for the great battle – kings, dwarves, and you know, giant talking trees and so on. I guess the Moslems are the dwarves (they have beards and are scruffy and scrappy). The North Koreans are sort of like talking trees, due to their naturalism.

The Vietnamese would be… some other group of elves (I don’t really remember the details of LotR that well).

Putin is forming the Council of Elrond

But seriously: Vietnam has been leaning towards America for a long time, due to their hatred of their (ethnic brothers, sorry) the Chinese. But Vietnamese people are not stupid, and no doubt understand that a grudging agreement with the Chinese is better than another major war in their country, run by the Americans.

The Viets are like “I never thought I’d find myself fighting side-by-side with a Chinaman.” And then Xi Jinping is like “how about fighting side-by-side with a heterosexual?”

It’s quite the blessing that Putin is able to be the envoy for this alliance, because Vietnam and China… have a lot of outstanding issues.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said he wanted to build a “reliable security architecture” in the Asia-Pacific region during a state visit to Vietnam on Thursday, part of a two-nation trip to Asia seen as show of defiance to the West.

A day after signing a mutual defence agreement with North Korea, Putin received a 21-gun salute at a military ceremony in Vietnam, was embraced by two of its Communist leaders and lavishly praised by one of them.

Putin’s visit has drawn criticism from the United States and its allies, who treat the Russian leader as a pariah and have protested that he should not be given a stage on which to defend Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Here, America – I bought you a plastic bucket to catch your tears.

This plastic bucket is used, and I’m not sure what it was used for, so I wouldn’t drink out of it. But it’s perfect for catching tears.

Russia and Vietnam signed agreements on issues including energy, underlining Moscow’s pivot to Asia after the West imposed sanctions on Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine.

We are firmly committed to deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership with Vietnam, which remains among the priorities of Russia’s foreign policy,” Putin was quoted as saying by Russian media.

We are ready to continue active joint work on a wide range of topics, including economic, scientific and technical ties, defence, security and humanitarian contacts.”

He was quoted by Russia’s TASS news agency as saying the two countries shared an interest in “developing a reliable security architecture” in the region based on not using force and peacefully settling disputes with no room for “closed military-political blocs”.

He could have added “we are both interested in penises entering vaginas, as opposed to other holes.”

(I don’t really even think it’s a coincidence that this meeting comes immediately after Thailand legalized so-called “anal marriage.” The Viets are about as anti-gay as I am.)

The 11 pacts signed in Hanoi were not on the same level as the landmark agreement reached in North Korea. But Putin’s warm welcome was an achievement for the Russian leader, who has an outstanding International Criminal Court arrest warrant against him over alleged war crimes in Ukraine, charges he denies.

Russia and Vietnam are not members of the ICC.

The military ceremony put on to greet Putin, who was embraced by both Vietnamese President To Lam and Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, was the kind reserved for the highest heads of state and rolled out when U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Vietnam last year.

It’s a big deal.

Alliances are forming and they are hardening as the orcs and goblins in the West prepare for total war.

Remember that 2Pac song about 21 gun salutes?

The crazy part is, Mobb Deep still wonders why a nigga blowed him out.

These lyrics are relevant:

21-gun salute, one love to my true thug niggas
(Outlaw! Outlaw! Outlaw!)
21-gun salute to my niggas that die in the line of duty
Representin’ to the fullest, bein’ soldiers with military minds
That play the rules of the game, 21-gun salute
I salute you, my niggas, stay strong
I ride for you, I rhyme for you, I roll for you, it’s all for you
To all you bitch-made niggas, I’m comin’ for you
Against all odds, I don’t care who the fuck you is
You touch me, I’m at you
I know you motherfuckers didn’t think I forgot
Hell nah, I ain’t forgot, nigga
I just remember what you told me
You said don’t go to war unless I got my money right
I got my money right nigga, now I want war

Putin got his money right.