Putin Vows to Support Heroic Koreans (Real Koreans, Not Capitalist Traitor American Pets) Against Anal Empire

Good guys continue to solidify their alliance against the bad guys.

The lines are very simple: the good guys don’t fly the anal flag. The bad guys do.

Exceptions like Saudi Arabia are exceptions that prove the rule. Plus, it’s not clear Saudi isn’t about to cut and run. (The US has dramatically overstated the Sunni-Shia split. It’s a tough split, but it’s not tough enough to withstand this massacre in Gaza.)


Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed on Tuesday to deepen trade and security ties with North Korea and to support it against the United States, as he headed to the reclusive nuclear-armed country for the first time in 24 years.

The U.S. and its Asian allies are trying to work out just how far Russia will go in support of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whose country is the only one to have conducted nuclear weapon tests in the 21st century.

You faggots don’t have to try to figure it out. I can just tell you.

Putin and Kim are bro tier.

Everyone is all-in at this point.

In the East, it’s not a secret that the West is planning a third world war.

They’re all coming together to stand against the Anal Empire.

Hopefully they can prevent the war from happening at all.

If not, they’ll fight and win.

In a signal that Russia, a veto-wielding member of the United Nations Security Council, is reassessing its entire approach to North Korea, Putin praised Pyongyang for resisting what he said was U.S. economic pressure, blackmail and threats.

In an article published by North Korean state media, Putin praised “Comrade” Kim, and promised to “jointly resist illegitimate unilateral restrictions”, to develop trade and strengthen security across Eurasia.

“Washington, refusing to implement previously reached agreements, continuously puts forward new, increasingly stringent and obviously unacceptable demands,” Putin said in the article, printed on the front page of North Korea’s Rodong Sinmun, the ruling Workers’ Party mouthpiece.

Russia has always supported and will continue to support the DPRK and the heroic Korean people in their opposition to the insidious, dangerous and aggressive enemy.”

Putin noted the Soviet Union was the first to recognise the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) founded by Kim’s grandfather, Kim Il Sung, less than two years before the 1950 Korean War.

North Korean state media also published articles praising Russia and supporting its military operations in Ukraine, calling them a “sacred war of all Russian citizens”.

They say cool stuff like that all the time.

When I was Wikiing the details of the Disneyland thing just now [see below], I found this gem:

All things being equal, wouldn’t you prefer to live in a country where the government issued slogans like that, as opposed to a country where the government did not issue slogans like that?

And it’s all sort of esoteric. Like no one really knows exactly what it means, because it’s more fun and exciting when there is an element of mystery, but they think it means that Jong-nam is out because of that incident with the hookers in Disneyland.

Reuters of course buried the lede, as always:

Russia is due to outproduce the whole NATO military alliance on ammunition production this year, so Putin’s trip is likely aimed at underscoring to Washington just how disruptive Moscow can be on a host of global crises.

That’s the actual story here. Most people don’t read that far down into an article.

Basically, when Putin was trying to be reasonable with the West, he did a thing with the DPRK where he wasn’t directly involved with them because most people in the West think Kim is some kind of madman (and thought the same about his father before him).

(It is a different sort of country, for sure. But they have a right to live how they want, don’t they? The US answer is obviously “no, they have to live how we say or it’s evil and so we’ll kill them.” But that isn’t really a very normal approach to foreign countries.)

People don’t really understand how aggressive the US has been with North Korea since the war. They are constantly threatening them, doing all sorts of things against them, and the only reason they haven’t been invaded is that they can utterly destroy Seoul if they were pushed. That would mean everyone in the world would no longer have air conditioning or washing machines and would have to play AAA video games on overpriced Alienware monitors instead of slightly less overpriced LGs.

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Anyway, the North Koreans have this reputation, undeserved, that they are like, nuts. The fact that they basically made an ideological choice only to modernize to a certain point confounds the West, which is obsessed with technology constantly “progressing” towards wherever (see the above note from a Westerner obsessed with technological development as reference). Further, the Kims are an eccentric family, which adds to the mystique.

[NOTE: Do you guys know the story of the older brother Kim Jong-nam who got skipped over for the throne because went to the Japanese Disneyland with four hookers on a fake Dominican passport with a Chinese name on it? True story. It was called “The Tokyo Disneyland Incident.” His father canceled a trip to hang out with Fidel Castro because he was so embarrassed. Rolling into Disneyland with a posse of hookers on a fake passport that is for some reason Dominican is like, the negative form of Kim eccentric behavior. The positive form is Kim Jong-un, who is an ultranationalist with the personality of Doraemon. Also, Jong-nam was assassinated at the airport in Kuala Lumpur. Method of assassination? Convincing an Indonesian woman and a Vietnamese woman that exposing him to nerve gas was part of a TV prank. It’s widely believed to be the most hilarious assassination in all of history (the women were not seriously charged – one of them did a few months for like, “making an unlawful ruckus” or some such, but the court determined that they legit thought it was a bit for a South Korean reality TV show in the vein of “Punked” featuring Ashton Kutcher. The media was like “how could Kim be so ruthless as to have his own brother killed??? Then it was released by the US government 3 years later that he was a CIA agent.]

Of course, after the collective West de facto declaring war on Russia, there was no reason for Putin to maintain distance. In fact, there was reason for him to be like “would you like some serious missiles and crap, my brother?”

It’s surprising it took so long for this to happen.

Sometimes I feel like Russia is reading my website and taking all my advice, there’s just like, a 3-year delay on the translation.

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