Putin: “You Can Blame It All on Me, Terry, It Don’t Matter Anyhow”

You wanna play a game, Jews?

Let’s play a game.


Russia is “always ready for any scenario,” President Vladimir Putin told journalists on Saturday, commenting on a potential direct confrontation between the Russian and NATO militaries. The president was answering a question about recent near-collisions involving Russian and American aircraft in Syria.

“No one wants that,” the president added, pointing to the existing conflict-prevention lines that allow Russian and US officers to talk directly about “any crisis situation.” That fact that these lines still work shows that no side is interested in a conflict, he added. “If someone wants it – and that’s not us – then we’re ready,” Putin added.

Somebody wants it, bro.

NATO pictured targeting Russians over Syria

Somebody is begging for it.

The Russian military has reported a total of 23 dangerous incidents involving Russian aircraft and those of the US-led coalition since early 2023, said Admiral Oleg Gurinov, the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria. Most incidents took place in July, he added.

In 11 cases the Russian pilots recorded being targeted with Western aircraft-targeting systems. Such actions on the part of the US-led coalition led to the automatic engagement of onboard defense systems, which saw Russian aircraft releasing decoy flares, the admiral told journalists.

People forget about the fact that Russia is continuing to protect Syria from the Jews. It’s a whole ongoing situation.

This is why the Israeli Jews continue to refuse to give full backing to the Ukraine.

Bibi has a whole lot of problems, and it’s increasingly obvious that those problems are coming from the US (and, apparently, Pfizer).

Putin is a rational actor, who is willing to make deals. There is not really an obvious deal he can make with Bibi, given that Russia is allied with literally all of Israel’s stated enemies in the region.

That said: for Bibi, it is starting to look like the US government is a bigger threat than any of the regional threats he’s spent his whole life targeting.

I don’t have much to say about this. The situation is convoluted, and I don’t think the players involved understand what is going on. But the US is messing with Russia in Syria, ostensibly on behalf of Israel, while Bibi is clinging onto power like a Lovecraftian barnacle on an anime steampunk skyship.