Ratty US Spokesman Says “Ukraine” Funding Will be Less Than in 2022-23

I think this Miller guy may be Jewish.

I would never invite him to Miller Time – even if he was going to bring Miller High Life.

Miller High Life is the champagne of beers, and I would tell this creepy ass cracker to shove it.


The level of Washington’s military funding for Ukraine may ultimately decrease, particularly when the country becomes able to “stand on its own two feet,” US Department of State spokesman Matthew Miller said on Thursday.

Miller made the remarks during a regular press briefing, responding to a question on potential shifts in the US strategy on Ukraine. The spokesman insisted Washington had always sought for Ukraine to become able to defend itself on its own and ultimately be an “independent” nation.


“Independent” like Germany? Like Japan?

What US client state is “independent”?

“We’ve always made it clear that we want Ukraine to be an independent country; that means it can stand on its own two feet. But we will continue to support Ukraine, that’s the policy of the United States, as long as it takes,” Miller stated.

However, military funding for Kiev is destined to dry up at some point in the future, he warned. That moment has not arrived yet, Miller said, saying a new funding package for Kiev is needed.

That does not mean that we are going to continue to support them at the same level of military funding that we did in 2022 and 2023. We don’t think that should be necessary because the goal is to ultimately transition Ukraine … to help Ukraine to build its own military industrial base so it can both finance and build and acquire munitions on its own,” the spokesman explained.

Miller said it was “critical” for the US Congress to adopt the supplementary funding bill for Kiev, as it’s most pressing for Ukraine and its other supporters in the West. The bill was left in limbo after Congress shelved it late last year, postponing discussions for after the holiday break, following weeks of back-and-forth between the legislators, who failed to agree on the matter.

The bill has been met with strong opposition from multiple Republican lawmakers, who want to tie  overseas funding to domestic issues, namely tackling illegal migration and reinforcing the US’ own border.

The bill is not happening.

Lindsey Graham, the man who supports any war he can fit his fist into, says he won’t fund the bill.

The warmongers are blaming it on the Republicans. It’s a ridiculous sideshow situation.

As Thomas Massie said, the Democrats could fund “border security” and then use the money to bring in more immigrants. They’ve done this repeatedly already – all money for “border security” goes to helping invaders get into the US easier.

The Democrats don’t want to fund the Ukraine. Maybe some of them do personally, because they hate Russia, but they all know that the money needs to go to the Jews in Israel.

Meanwhile, the entire world is rallying behind the brave and innocent Palestinians.

The US has backed itself into a corner.

Now is the dawn of a new age.