Reminder: Both Groups Charged with Conspiracy to Storm Capitol Were Led by FBI

I’ve written a lot of words about the fact that both the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers are groups led by agents of the FBI, but I just want to say it very simply:

Both of the groups that have been charged with conspiracy were led by agents of the FBI. Two groups have been charged. The media has admitted that both these groups – two of two – were led by FBI agents.

The FBI is currently going around the country arresting people for a crime that they committed.

The head of the Proud Boys is an FBI informant who has worked on undercover stings since 2012.

The head of the Oath Keepers is a “former” FBI agent who served as a division chief.

The FBI was quite literally the group that organized the Capitol Storm.

Again: The FBI is now arresting normal people for a crime that was organized and carried out by the FBI.

It’s difficult to believe, but this is what happened, and what is continuing to happen.

Everything that is happening right now is part of a complex psychological operation, aimed at you, the public. The goal is to completely dissolve the United States into a global government system, with as little resistance as possible.

Just do your best to stay sane, and remember that none of this is real.