Researchers Whine They Can’t Publish Studies About Child Trannies Without Having Their Lives Ruined

Why would you speak out against this?

We must assume that everyone knows injecting children with hormones to mutilate them is not really a very good idea.

No one who supports this program of destroying children is going to be moved by a doctor saying “hey, this is actually bad.”

If you’re going to try to work and be a part of this dying, satanic empire, you’d best just keep your head down.

The Guardian:

Critical thinking and open debate are pillars of scientific and medical research. Yet experienced professionals are increasingly scared to openly discuss their views on the treatment of children questioning their gender identity.

This was the conclusion drawn by Hilary Cass in her review of gender identity services for children this week, which warned that a toxic debate had resulted in a culture of fear.

Her conclusion was echoed by doctors, academic researchers and scientists, who have said this climate has had a chilling effect on research in an area that is in desperate need of better evidence.

Yeah, all the research has to say that puberty blockers lower the suicide rate of trannies. If they say something different, their lives get destroyed.

But like… it’s the same with every other policy of the empire. You can’t say anything about anything, or they will destroy your life.

Ask Andrew Anglin about that.

It’s not a big secret.

You have to agree with everything, or they destroy you.

Some said they had been deterred from pursuing what they believed to be crucial studies, saying that merely entering the arena would put their reputation at risk. Others spoke of abuse on social media, academic conferences being shut down, biases in publishing and the personal cost of speaking out.

“In most areas of health, medical researchers have freedom to answer questions to problems without fear of judgment,” said Dr Channa Jayasena, a consultant in reproductive endocrinology at Imperial College London. “I’ve never quite known a field where the risks are also in how you’re seen and your beliefs. You have to be careful about what you say both in and out of the workplace.”

Sallie Baxendale, a professor of clinical neuropsychology at UCL’s Institute of Neurology, received abuse after publishing a systematic review of studies that investigated the impact of puberty blockers on brain development. Her review found that “critical questions” remained around the nature, extent and permanence of any arrested development of cognitive function linked to the treatment.

How could using chemicals to block puberty not cause all kinds of problems?

It’s been shown to lower the IQ by like, 10 points.

The study in question, that was somehow published in the UK in February, says the average drop is 7.

But one nigga lost 13 IQ points in 3 years. He’s literally retarded now, lol.

Pretty funny – “try to become a woman – become mentally retarded.”

These injections also cause cancer.

The paper, which summarised the state of relevant research, was met with an immediate backlash. “I’ve been accused of being an anti-trans activist, and that now comes up on Google and is never going to go away,” Baxendale said. “Imagine what it’s like if that is the first thing that comes up when people Google you? Anyone who publishes in this field has got to be prepared for that.”

The lack of high-quality research, highlighted by Cass, has been a subject of growing unease among doctors, according to Dr Juliet Singer, a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist and former governor of the Tavistock and Portman NHS foundation trust.

In 2020, Singer conducted a survey of specialist child psychiatry trainees, which highlighted concerns about the lack of explanation for the exponential growth in referrals to adolescent gender services, the lack of long-term outcome studies on treatments, and insufficient evidence on the long-term effects of hormone blockers.

She said raising questions such as what was driving the unprecedented rise in birth-registered girls presenting with gender-related distress in puberty appeared to be deemed “unacceptable” by some senior leaders at Tavistock.

There’s been a shutting down of anybody who has suggested we need to think about a deeper understanding of why these young people are in such distress,” she said. “It’s been remarkable the difference from other ordinary clinical practice.”

Another senior researcher in endocrinology, who wished to remain anonymous, said medical professionals had resorted to sharing concerns and views on anonymous WhatsApp groups.

“The bad-mouthing and the social media destruction of people’s reputation and careers is so damning,” the academic said. “Professional people are worried about how they will be characterised on social media and cannot express dissent without it resulting in very aggressive, inappropriate behaviours. It’s causing people to stop talking and just move away from it and not get involved.”

She added: “This isn’t how good scientific debate happens – it happens when people can talk honestly and without fear.”

Yeah well.

Try talking about Jews or blacks without fear. Try talking about women.

You can’t talk about anything.

If you want to engage in free inquiry, move to Russia or China.

Living in the West and then being like “wah, there’s no freedom here” is like moving to Antartica and whining that it’s cold.

It’s just the way it is.

Deal with it or move to Russia.

Trying to save this system, or being surprised there is no freedom, makes me think you took puberty blockers and shaved 15 points off your IQ.

What exactly do people think is going on?

We live in a totalitarian system.