Netanyahu Tells West Israel Will Decide How to “Defend” Itself (i.e., Israel Will Decide If the West Goes to War)

This means “Israel will decide how to deploy the US military.”

The US is locked into a suicide pact with Israel, which means that if Israel starts a war, the US has to join.

Everyone knows this.

What Netanyahu is saying here is just gibberish. He’s not deciding for Israel. Israel would be barely involved in a war with Iran (yes, they have a bunch of high-tech missile stuff – all gifted by the American taxpayer – but their military is small and they don’t have a bunch of ships like the US). He is deciding for Americans if we will have a war with Iran.

This is evil Nazi propaganda. It’s also an accurate portrayal of the way the world works. But if you notice it, you’re evil.

It’s just absurd that this discussion is even possible. Or rather, it is absurd that the real discussion surrounding Israel, and the Jewish stranglehold on America, is impossible.


Israel will make its own decisions about how to defend itself, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, as Western countries pleaded for restraint in responding to a volley of attacks from Iran.

The United States, European Union and G7 group of industrialised nations all announced plans to consider tighter sanctions on Iran, seen as aimed at mollifying Israel and persuading it to rein in its retaliation for the first ever direct Iranian strikes after decades of confrontation by proxy.

Netanyahu met the German and British foreign ministers, who both travelled to Israel as part of a coordinated push to keep confrontation between Israel and Iran from escalating into a regional conflict fueled by the Gaza war.

Netanyahu’s office said he thanked David Cameron and Annalena Baerbock for their support, while telling them: “I want to make it clear – we will make our own decisions, and the State of Israel will do everything necessary to defend itself.”

Earlier, Cameron said it was now apparent Israel planned to retaliate for the Iranian missile and drone strikes, which Tehran launched on Saturday in response to a presumed Israeli airstrike that killed military officers at its embassy in Syria.

Baerbock said escalation “would serve no one, not Israel’s security, not the many dozens of hostages still in the hands of Hamas, not the suffering population of Gaza, not the many people in Iran who are themselves suffering under the regime, and not the third countries in the region who simply want to live in peace.”

Britain and Germany are also in this suicide pact with the Jews, because they are both subsidiaries of Washington, Inc.

No one wants the Jews to start this war.

But they are going to start this war.

As I’ve said six million times: there is no reason they would have allowed Hamas to attack in the first place if they weren’t planning on maximally escalating.

The Israelis are aware that both:

  • US support for Israel is failing
  • The US itself is failing

They are running out of time to clear out all their enemies, and their biggest enemy is Iran. In fact, that’s the enemy that fuels all their other enemies, including Hamas (even though Hamas is a Sunni group, it’s primarily funded by Shias, because Shias are the only ones in the region who will actually do anything about these Jews).

The hilarious thing is that all of these people who are begging Bibi to stop are obsessed with the Ukraine war, and if this Middle East mania pops off, there won’t be any Ukraine war. There is no possible way the West can keep up two major wars at once.

Never mind their plans for starting a war in the Pacific by using the Filipinos as sharkbait.

The next big war the West gets dragged into will be its last war. All three of its enemies are capable of either:

  • Winning, or
  • Making sure the West does not win

And it’s the same thing.

If the West does not win, they lose, because they are going to have to keep pouring resources into a bottomless pit, looking like lunatics in front of the rest of the world, while the Chinese stand by shaking their heads and making ultra-money.

People are sick of these wars, and everyone knows that Washington is causing all of them. No one else in the world wants them. Israel wouldn’t exist without Washington, nor would the Ukraine, and the Filipinos would be begging the Chinese for investment money rather than threatening them with a war.

The same is even true of smaller conflicts with little global relevance, such as in Armenia or Kosovo (Serbia, actually). The Washington Jews are now telling Thailand to invade Cambodia. They are backing the terrorists in Bangladesh.

No one else wants all of these wars. People are sick of it.

Everyone in the world is cheering Hamas, they are cheering Iran, they are cheering Russia. Meanwhile, they’re all trying to get rich with the Chinese.

We stand at the precipice.

A new world order is coming into view.

There is This One Thing I’ve Been Thinking About Though…

It’s not made any sense to me how these people were creating all this chaos and obviously destroying America, which is their only hope for world domination.

Then I read the books from the show Silo.

I didn’t really like the show (too blacked), but I found the mysterious cliffhanger ending super annoying, so I got these books and read them. In the books, you find out that the people who built the Silos – underground fallout bunkers designed to last for hundreds of years – purposefully started a nuclear war to eliminate all life on the surface.

I started thinking “well, that is actually possibly the plan of people in Washington…” It’s the only thing that would make any sense.

Then, I watched the new Fallout series – it’s the same plot. This was not in the games, but in the shows, the people who built the fallout shelters – Vault-Tec – purposefully started a nuclear war so they could wipe the surface of the Earth clean and then repopulate it.

The basic explanation, in both cases, is that elites in America decided to end all war and save natural resources by totally killing everyone on Earth save for a small group of people.

I’m not saying this is what is going on. But it’s very interesting that there are two popular shows with this same plot.

Remember when Channel Four made a show about the government faking a flu virus so they could distribute a vaccine that would reduce the population?

See: So, I Watched the First Season of Utopia (2013)

Remember when the X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen featured the government flying planes into the World Trade Center to blame it on Moslems and start an “international war on terrorism”?

This stuff shows up in TV shows, for whatever reason. (The reason why is a whole other thing. I don’t think it’s a satanic ritual, as many people who point out this phenomenon of shows predicting reality will claim. It probably has more to do with the CIA and just Jews in general being involved in Hollywood, and people having a bit too much to drink.)

The idea that Silo and Fallout are showing a real apocalypse agenda is really just a wild theory. There is no reason to believe it’s true. It just seems plausible, if you think about it. Most likely, the people in Washington are as insane as they look. But I did find it intriguing.

It’s worth looking on 4chan for posts about a secret system of underground fallout shelters designed to sustain a population for hundreds of years.