Rich Nathan of the Vineyard Columbus: Enemy Jew Runs the Biggest “Christian” Church in Central Ohio

Andrew Anglin
July 10, 2013

Rabbi Rich Nathan exercises authoritarian control over the Christian community of Columbus, Ohio.
Christ-Killer Rich Nathan exercises authoritarian control over the Christian community of Jew-occupied Columbus, Ohio.

Like every city in the White Western World, my own hometown of Columbus, Ohio is under a brutal Jewish occupation. Not only are all of the major industries and media outlets controlled by Jews – Les Wexner, the Victoria’s secret Jew is the richest man in the city – but the biggest “Christian” church in town, Vineyard Columbus, is run by the disgusting Enemy Jew Rich Nathan. Nathan is playing his role in subverting the Whites of the region, exterminating their spiritual nature and replacing it with the Jew doctrine of absolute materialism, while also snorting boatloads of cash up his oversized, hook-shaped nose.

Rich Nathan: A Typical Jew

Whereas White-European Christianity is about transcending earthly bonds and seeking heaven, Jewish genetics drive this hideous race only to destroy the cohesive fabric of their host societies while stacking up bars of gold. Rabbi Nathan was no different, starting out his evil life enterprise by entering the amoral, Jew dominated profession of Law.

Given that Rich Nathan has already fully replaced the Christian doctrine of trancendentalism with his Jew doctrine of pure materialism, it is surely only a matter of time before he start performing traditional baby-penis sucking into the Vineyard rabbinical church.
Given that Rich Nathan has already abolished the Christian doctrine of transcendentalism with his Jew doctrine of pure materialism, it is surely only a matter of time before he starts performing traditional baby-penis sucking on the massive stage of the Vineyard Talmudic Megachurch and giving Aryan babies herpes.

Apparently sensing that there were more Christian souls to crush and more gold to stack, Nathan soon quit his lawyer job to become a full-time “Christian” Rabbi. After using his preternatural genetic money-sniffing ability to feel out the local church racket, in 1987 Rich joined up with his racial kinsman, the Jew Danny Meyer, to form the Columbus Vineyard Fellowship.

Vineyard Columbus Sexual Exploitation Scandal: Jew Nathan Claims he is the Victim

As is the case with every organization run by Jews, the history of Vineyard Columbus is markedly riddled with corruption and sex scandals. In 2011, a particularly vicious sexual abuse scandal broke out at the Vineyard Talmudic Church, when a female member of the church congregation was seeking counseling, and the filthy Jew Steven Robbins, the head of the Vineyard’s leadership training program, was assigned to the case. When he discovered she had a sex addiction, he saw an opportunity, and had sex with the poor woman for two and a half months before she told her husband about it.

Dirty Jew rapist, Steve Robbins, worked at the church for two decades before spontanously deciding to rape a member of the congregation.
Dirty Jew rapist, Steve Robbins, worked at the church for two decades before spontaneously deciding to rape a member of the congregation.

There is an old saying, “the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you,” which fits this scenario aptly. Instead of doing the true Christian thing (which Nathan is genetically incapable of) and taking full responsibility, issuing an apology, and vowing to make it right, Rabbi Rich did the thing natural to his race, and claimed that he himself was as much of a victim as the woman who was sexually abuse by his kinsmen, saying that he was in no way responsible for the actions of his high level associates and refusing to give compensation, forcing the family to sue the church. Robbins hired a Mr. Eric Rosenberg to defend him.

In my personal opinion, it is nigh impossible that in twenty years of working at a church, this was Robbins first time taking advantage of a vulnerable woman within his care. In fact, he had a methodology for getting the clothes off women who have experienced sexual trauma as children – who tend to be the preferred target of serial sexual abusers. As described in the lawsuit filed, Robbins asked the woman to describe her sexual sexual history, “to see how the demonic could possibly be in play.” She confided to him that she had been sexually abused by three men in authority as a child – at which point he moved in for the kill. There is no way to argue that using childhood trauma as a means to stir up emotions for the purpose of tricking a mentally ill person into having sex with you is something other than rape.

I will also go so far as to say that in my personal opinion, it is impossible that Rabbi Rich did not know that this abuse was going on.

Eighteen months after the scandal broke, Nathan had Robbins return to the church, and they met and embraced each other on stage, to the applause of the hapless goyim pigs upon which these Jews feed.

Support of Total Destruction of the White Race through Invasion of Our Lands and Race-Mixing

Destroying both the racial cohesiveness and the genetic heritage of the White race – the Jews instinctively recognize us as the only people capable of standing up against their vile and satanic agenda – is a position on which no Jew can ever compromise. In attempting to pose as a Christian, the Jewish Rabbi Rich Nathan makes no concessions, fully embracing his biological drive to destroy White America. Vineyard Columbus is a multiracial cesspit of degeneracy.

Rich Nathan is considered to be a leading “Christian” voice in the Marxist movement to give tens of millions of illegal immigrant invaders US citizenship. Here you can view the dirty Jew pushing this immivasion agenda:

Nathan goes so far as to claim to speak for all Christians, saying that they all agree we need to give citizenship to 50 million Mexicans and tens of millions of others who’ve come from every savage nation on this earth to rape and pillage the nation our White ancestors built.

On top of this, Rabbi Nathan stands in basic opposition to the traditional American Christian doctrine of racial separatism, condoning the base sin of race-mixing, and has even gone so far as to put an Asian race-mixer as a head member of his staff. Korean Insoo Kim is married to a beautiful Aryan woman, producer of dead-eyed, yellow-skinned mixed-race abominations:

Race-mixing was, for thousands of years, considered fundamentally wrong within the Christian church.
For more than a thousand years, the sin of race-mixing was condemned by the Christian church.

Surely there are many White men who are looking for a devout Christian woman with whom to produce children who carry on the values and heritage of our race – imagine destroying the millions of years it took to for God and your ancestors produce your White genetic makeup, simply throwing them away to a frail Asiatic nerd. Clearly if it were not for the destruction of our ancient faith – which held race-mixing as a horrible sin against God and Nature – at the hands of these filthy Jews, this poor woman could have been guided away from such lunatic behavior. I am not surprised he has people from over 100 different nations in his congregation – it seems Vineyard Columbus is an auction house for White women.

How are the White members of Nathan’s congregation not enraged by his clear attempts to destroy our people? How can any man call himself a Christian and spit in the face of his ancestors by supporting something so base as the destruction of his entire race at the hands of a filthy Jew?

Jewish Undermining of Christianity

Many are well aware of the way the Jews have subverted traditional perceptions of their predatory and parasitical race within Christianity, and replaced it with Zionist Jew-worship, mixing in all sorts of insane science fiction-style material to support their deranged perception of this ancient faith. This new interpretation of the Christian faith as being wholly about bowing down before the genocidal state of Israel as home of the master race, while setting aside one’s basic understanding of reality and forcing oneself to believe that Jesus is very soon to come down out of outer space and suck us all up into the sky was largely based in the politicized and deranged footnotes of the Jew-funded Schofield Reference Bible.

Jew Danny Meyer co-founded Vineyard Columbus with Rabbi Rich, before going on to form his own branch of the cult in Powell, Ohio.
Jew Danny Meyer co-founded Vineyard Columbus with Rabbi Rich, before going on to form his own branch of the cult in Powell, Ohio.

The traditional Christian doctrine, whether Catholic/Orthodox or Protestant, is one of transcendence of the material world. It was a rejection of the feminine values of earthly comfort in favor of a selfless devotion to the transcendental masculine power of Heaven, so that we may leave this world being something more than we were when we arrived. Judaism, on the other hand, is a purely material doctrine, which rejects transcendentalism in favor of pure materialism. When the Jews took over our societies, it was a prime directive to bring our spiritual White society down to the level of frivolous materialism. Not only do the Jews feel more comfortable existing in a society where materialism is the only drive, but they also understand that it weakens our strength and collective solidarity when we are brought down to their level.

As with most, if not all, evangelical “Judeo-Christian” churches, Rabbi Rich Nathan’s Vineyard Church preaches a doctrine utterly devoid of spiritual meaning, choosing to replace the traditional ritualism of our ancestors with rock music accompanied by hand-waving and dancing to “feel the spirit” – this amounts to nothing more than a primitive voodoo ecstasy ritual, designed to flood the human brain with endogenous opioid peptides.

Likewise, the traditional message of dissociating from and ultimately transcending material bonds is removed in this modern form of Judaized Christianity, replaced with what is often literally phrased as “embracing the world” – putting it at a ridiculous level of direct conflict with the traditional Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant concept of rejecting the world.

With Jews, You Lose

Every aspect of our society is infected with the Jewish parasite, to the point where we now lack a basic understanding of who and what we are. All of our most basic institutions have been stripped by this horrible race, to the point where we now lack any point of reference – we are free-floating in a vacuum. It is only through a total purge of our society of these creatures that we will be able to restore equilibrium.

The fact that an institution designed to crush the natural spirituality of the White Aryan man, to replace it with frivolousness and materialism, is founded and run by deranged Jews, should surprise no one. After all, our battle is a spiritual one, and the Jew understands this well. If it was a physical one, the Jew would have no chance, with his feeble, weak form.

It is time to be angry about these things. The Jews are not simply a far away entity, controlling international finance and manufacturing wars, they are in our own communities, breaking down our society further every day, one individual at a time.

It is disgusting on a primal level to see these aliens in my community, destroying the souls of my brothers and sisters. When we rise, I myself we escort the filthy Jews of the Vineyard Rabbinical Fellowship to the plane bound for Madagascar.