Robert Downey Jr. Fronting the Push for You to Eat Bugs

Interestingly, Robert Downey Jr., a famous drug addict from the 1990s, is fronting the push for you to eat bugs.

He’s been going around on TV telling people that eating bugs will change the weather, after he invested in Ynsect, a bug farm.


Actor Robert Downey Jr.’s new investment fund is tackling issues like deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and microplastics.

The Iron Man star announced his two new venture capital funds at the World Economic Forum’s virtual Davos meeting on Wednesday. They will be an extension of a broader environmental initiative he set up in 2019.

The FootPrint Coalition is a group of “investors, donors and storytellers” who are committed to backing the technology needed to restore our planet. The fund puts money into sustainability-focused companies, creates educational environmental content and makes charitable donations to non-profits.

Already, it has helped to finance alternative protein company, Ynsect, which is building the world’s largest insect farm in France.

Somehow, I don’t expect them to ever get around to microplastics (as I’ve been over, there is no motivation for this, whereas global warming allows them to strip you of your wealth and rights, and huddle you together in kilometer-high tenement apartment buildings).

Veganism has proved totally unsustainable in terms of just keeping people alive. It’s also very expensive. So, they’re adding bugs. It’s cheap and it contains actual protein.

The bug-eating agenda is a part of the agenda that the masses of people have shown some resistance to, so they needed a big, charismatic public face on the front of it.

Iron Man was ready to go.

They’re using a beloved character from children’s films to convince you it is fashionable to eat bugs. I can’t find it on YouTube, but I saw Downey on Bloomberg saying he will go on TV shows and have hosts try his energy bars made from mealworms.

It’s interesting that all these rich people are all of a sudden very concerned about changing the weather. The reason it is interesting: these people seem to like going to beaches. Joe Biden’s plan to turn the earth into a solid sheet of ice will put the kibosh on beaches.

It may also be that these rich people are trying to avoid some sort of revolutionary type situation, where armies of disgruntled peasants start murdering rich people. I’ve often talked about the futility of a peasants’ revolt, but I’ve talked about it in the context of our peasant mission. For individual rich people, these events can cause problems.

Probably, they also just don’t want to be singled out and targeted. I heard the Jew that runs Bain Capital speaking yesterday about how concerned he is about diversity and inclusion. According to prevailing wisdom, the fact that they are hiring blacks or doing double anal in the bathroom at their offices or whatever protects them from any sort of backlash at all. From everyone. A gay flag is now an invincibility cheat code.

The right has been brainwashed to support rich people, even though there isn’t a single rich person in the West who doesn’t want to teach double gay anal to their kindergarten aged children. Meanwhile, the left has become utterly decadent and depraved – probably not in part because all rich people are leftists and influence that culture. The left totally does not care about fighting rich people, and is happy to be endorsed by the rich if the rich support their new bizarre ideas about race, sexuality and changing the weather.

Again, this new set of values seems to have been seeded by the rich. It is very decadent, to be concerned about something so frivolous as homosexualism or a fake weather hoax. Imagine a union in the 1920s claiming that their key complaint with the factory owner is that he doesn’t force people to eat bugs to change the weather.

Ultimately, trying to figure out some kind of logic in all of this is a waste of time. It really is just a lot of nonsense. You pretty much just have to accept that the masses of people will go along with whatever they think others are going along with, which in practice means that the media controls people’s minds.

“This is your food now, goy.”