Russia: 20 Years After Iraq Invasion, No One on Earth is Safe from Uncle Sam

The US really does not seem to want to even think about how much this narrative of “US as satanic, terroristic world bully” resonates with the entire third world, most of the second, and a lot of the first.

The world has become like a children’s story where the villain can’t grasp the fact that his tactics of fear no longer work against people who would rather die than continue to live under tyranny.


Although the entire world has known for years that the invasion of Iraq was based on false pretenses and a violation of international law, the US continues to insist it was justified in the name of its global hegemony, the Russian ambassador to Washington said on Monday.

Commenting on the anniversary of the attack on Iraq, Anatoly Antonov called it a “dark page in American history,” when the US “once again demonstrated complete disregard for the UN Charter and the norms of international law” and violated Iraqi sovereignty using “open deceit” to justify its actions.

The pretext for the war was “deliberately fabricated,” Antonov said, pointing to the infamous incident when Secretary of State Colin Powell waved a vial of powder at the UN pretending it was a sample of Iraqi WMDs, which did not exist.

“Hundreds of thousands of people died. Millions fled their homes, becoming refugees,” Antonov said. The destruction of the city of Fallujah, the massacres perpetrated by Blackwater mercenaries, and the torture at Abu Ghraib prison, he added, will be long remembered as examples of US “democratization.”

You don’t actually need to put the word “democratization” in quotes. It was democratization.

This is what democracy is: having things forced on you against your will, including, but not limited to, gay sex and death.

By sowing chaos in Iraq, the US created fertile soil for the rise of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and other terrorist groups in the Middle East, which still threaten regional and international security, Antonov noted.

Even now, after 20 years, the US continues to insist that the invasion to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein was somehow justified, which in Antonov’s opinion is an attempt to convince the world “that the Americans have the right to do whatever they please.”

That’s literally what they say.

They claim to represent the only existing moral order in the universe, which is represented by the gay anal rainbow flag.

Because they define what morality is, everything they do is an example of universal morality. Conversely, anyone who opposes them is evil, metaphysically.

“This means no state can feel safe if it does something to displease Washington,” Antonov said.

US troops are still in the region “under the guise of the noble counter-terrorism mission,” but are in fact trying to play world police and control both resource-rich Iraq and its neighborhood, the ambassador pointed out.

I could have done with a mention of “Israel” or at least “Zionism” in connection to that particular war, but otherwise, it’s a perfect statement.

No one is safe and the world is sick of living in fear of these monster bullies.

More and more people are turning away from the US, realizing that, just like Freddy Krueger, the only way it has power is if people believe in its power.

Change is coming soon.

The tide has already turned.

You are witnessing the end of empire.