Russia Launches Massive Roundup of Nonwhite Illegal Invaders

The New Observer
September 7, 2013


The Russian government has launched a massive roundup of nonwhite illegal invaders in that country after a policeman was violently attacked and suffered a skull fracture with a Dagestani-origin resident in Moscow.

According to hysterical reports in far leftist extremist Western media, there are now more than 4,600 illegal invaders in detention camps in the Moscow region alone, and many more thousands in other cities across Russia.

Thousands of illegal invaders from countries such as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam have been detained in the latest swoop which started several weeks ago.

Russia currently has 21 major illegal invader detention centers, and plans are underway to establish a further 83 new ones. At the end of August, Russian lawmakers introduced a bill before their parliament that makes the deportation of illegal immigrants mandatory.

Russia, which has an illegal invader problem as big as that of America, has decided that left unchecked, the long-term demographic threat posed is greater than any immediate or political cost.

They have seen what has happened in America, and are determined not to repeat that catastrophe.

According to opinion polls published by the Levada Center, immigration is now the greatest worry for residents of Moscow. Some 55 percent of Muscovites put the invasion as their top concern, up from 37 percent only five years ago.

Another poll by the same organization found that, nationally, 69 percent of Russians thought that the presence of migrants in their city or region was “excessive.”

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, has officially launched an explicit program of ethnic profiling in which police have targeted nonwhite individuals, demanding to see their identification documents.

Those unable to produce documentation are detained immediately, and, if unable to produce the relevant documentation, are brought before a court and deported.

The crackdown came after an incident on July 27, when a police officer was injured outside Moscow’s Matveyevsky market while trying to detain Magomed Magomedov, a rapist from Dagestan.

Magomedov and two of his relatives violently resisted arrest, and attacked the officers, one of whom suffered a fractured skull.

The attack caused public outrage, and the mayor of Moscow ordered the crackdown. His example was quickly followed by other cities in Russia.

* Earlier this year, the Russian government introduced immigration policy reforms which were presented as immigration friendly, and which set out a path for legal immigration.

The nonwhite invaders just ignored the rules, and continued to enter Russia’s porous borders. Estimates of the total number of illegal invaders in Russia vary from three to six million.