Russian MP: US Blacklists are Part of World Domination Plot

November 11, 2013

He also said they were plotting to steal his cheeseburgers and twinkies (note: he did not actually say that).
He also said they were plotting to steal his cheeseburgers and twinkies (note: he did not actually say that).

An experienced Russian parliamentarian holds that the US is currently testing the new technique of slapping sanctions on foreign citizens without a court warrant as part of a larger project of world domination.

This strategy is becoming part of a global manipulation system. They use it to blackmail many heads of state who have bank accounts there or who are thought to have accounts there, whose families have businesses. They tell these people straightforwardly, ‘We know all about you, do as we say or face problems,’” MP Aleksey Mitrofanov said at the Friday session of the lower house committee for mass media, which he chairs.

The Russian politician pointed out that these new methods allowed the US officials not to worry about any court decisions when pursuing their objectives. Mitrofanov also noted that in his opinion the strategy is currently being tested on Russian pop singer Grigory Leps, and not on him alone.

Grigory Leps (Lepsveridze) was blacklisted by the US treasury a few days before over alleged ties with the leaders of the Brothers’ Circle organized crime group. After this news broke the Russian Foreign Ministry officially urged the US side to stop the attempts of exterritorial application of its national legislation, adding that the sanctions against Leps were a violation of the presumption of innocence.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has reported that they had no information on Leps’s participation in the Brothers’ Circle group and added that the report was probably aimed at backing the Western myth of the so-called Russian Mafia.

Leps’s own production house refused to comment on the charges calling them “a delirium.”

Mitrofanov said in his speech in the State Duma, “They are testing this new strategy which is as follows: the American state has the right to block the accounts of any citizen in the world and declare him or her an outlaw, even without a search. No need for all these judicial curbs when they can outlaw people by simply declaring that they have connections with one mafia or other.”

To counter the situation the parliamentarian suggested that the lower house form a commission for protecting the rights of Russian citizens who find themselves in difficult situations abroad. The Russian Public Chamber could also participate in such a commission, he added. A member of the Public Chamber, lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, immediately supported this initiative.

Kucherena also said that the US campaign targeting Leps had been launched in order to blacken the singer’s reputation. He noted that from the legal point of view Grigory Leps had a full right to demand that the US law enforcers disclose to him the data they used to justify backing the sanctions.

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