San Francisco Offering “Doom Loop” Tours to Allow Visitors to Witness Utopia in Action

Remember that they are telling you this is a utopia.

They are not telling you they are building a nice, livable country, they are telling you they are building a perfect society. That is the actual message: that the government, media, academia, and the tech industry are in the process of perfecting human society.

This probably needs to be addressed in some further detail by me. It has already been addressed by many men, including some very basic type conservatives: the left is defined, more or less entirely, by the claim that a perfect society is possible. That is the justification for the constant change in social norms: that we are on the path to perfection. If they did not believe that, they would just leave you alone, “leave well enough alone,” as it were, and just let people live their lives normally.

Human beings have not changed since the first stirrings of civilization. This is clearest, to me, when you read Aristophanes (or any of the other Greek comedians). These plays are nearly 2,500 years old, and the wit and intelligence is no different than a modern well-structured comedy, such as The Royal Tenenbaums.

There is this general idea that we’ve become different somehow since the Industrial Revolution, and that succeeding technological revolutions have made society more complicated, but nothing about our bodies or minds has changed fundamentally, save for the biological mutations caused by the abuse of chemistry, and the dysgenic effects of material abundance. No one alive today, save for maybe that guy who writes The White Lotus, could produce a play on the level of the Greek playwrights (to be clear, we know there were some very bad plays as well, and only the best survived, so we are given the false impression that all of these writers were very, very good).

This is to say: there is no reason to change society from what we know works, unless you believe you can perfect society. Technology has effects on society, which need to be dealt with, but the fact that new technology exists does not mean that we need to alter human nature by normalizing sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, transsexualism, obesity, women in public life, or any of these other revolutionary changes that have caused such damage.

The Jews behind this program are telling you that evil is good and good is evil. They are telling you that mutilating children, allowing blacks to commit violent crime in broad daylight, flooding the country with low IQ foreigners, and lining the streets with homeless junkies is the path to a better society, and that launching a global war, ostensibly for the purpose of spreading homosexuality, feminism, and transsexuality, is a path to a perfect society.

People have always had problems, but all of the major problems we have now were created on purpose as part of a program to ostensibly fix things that were wrong with normal society.

Society, throughout history, was normal. You had some crime, some war, some infidelity, some hookers, some gambling, some drunkenness. We are, after all, human beings, and the Lord tells us we are not perfect, and will always have problems created by the sin nature we are born with (a consequence of free will, which is why God created us in the first place).

The belief in the possibility of a perfect society, in the perfection of man’s nature by man – a utopia – is fundamentally satanic. And you can witness it as such. Lucifer himself, the fallen angel, believed that he knew better than God, which is why he threw a revolution against God. Modern society is a revolution against God, in that it is based around denying the fundamental nature of man.

Jews have a concept called “Tikkun Olam,” which means “repairing the world.”

(Note: The Freemasons, a satanic Jewish-run revolutionary group for goyim, called this “perfecting what was left imperfect.”)

Please note that this stupid claim that "Rabbinical Judaism is based on the Bible" is refuted by the fact that this weird satanic idea of "repairing the world" is key to their religion. Whatever these people tell you, here is the basic fact of reality: Christianity is older than Judaism, Judaism is not a continuation of the beliefs of the Old Testament, it is a satanic cult formed initially by heretic Israelite priests who murdered Jesus Christ. These Jews who claim "Jesus was a Jew" know it's a lie, they know that the Old Testament is a Christian book, they do not care about the Old Testament but simply claim ownership of it as a way to endear themselves to Christians. None of their primary religious practices can be found in the Old Testament. It's easy enough to say "oh well, they are practicing the Old Testament and just don't think Jesus was the real messiah," but that is a lie. It's just not true at all. After the Romans destroyed the temple, it was impossible to practice the ancient Israelite religion, and God did this on purpose, because denying the messiah and then claiming to be Israel is evil.

Everything that Jews do to us is justified by this idea that they have a duty to fix us.

That’s why they are going to kidnap your kids and turn them into trannies.

That’s why they are setting up doom loops in formerly beautiful cities, while claiming it is somehow about “compassion.”

New York Post:

San Francisco’s ‘doom loop’ route really does give people a front row seat to the city’s descent into homelessness, drug use and urban decay.

Spurred by a local joker who has organized a tour of the California city’s most blighted areas, The Post walked the proposed route to see if the “worst of San Francisco” really was on offer.

Community activist JJ Smith generously acted as an ad-hoc tour guide for the “landmarks” on a 1.5-mile trip, which took in City Hall, Union Square, Mid-Market and the Tenderloin District — areas where a one bedroom apartment typically retails for $750,000 and upward.

The once bustling areas of Market Street and Union Square were homes to such esteemed stores as Nordstrom Rack and Old Navy until they recently left.

But is Old Navy really “esteemed”?

I have a hard time going along with that, quite frankly.

Floors and floors of completely vacant space in various storefronts are visible from the street, save a few lonely mannequins staring forlornly from windows.

Abandoning your store and then leaving mannequins staring out of the windows is really a good idea, and the most impressive observation the Post makes in this article. Somehow, they didn’t include a photo of it, which could be iconic.

You have these photos of tents, in the typical “some bitch took this photo with an iPhone because we don’t hire professional photographers” style of the Post.

I want to see mannequins staring out windows at those tents. That’s something that would actually make me happy, however, and such things are not allowed anymore – because my life is the Truman Show and we are on a very sad arc.

Since January 2020, half of retailers have fled the downtown area because of sagging sales and lack of foot traffic and tourism. Of those that are left, even Ross Dress for Less now sports “enhanced security” in the form of bag checks and security guards stationed at all exits.

Market was also one of the only places along the route a couple of bored looking cops could be spied ambling along.

Homeless individuals have moved in to take advantage of the empty shell and sleep in front of the vacant shops, erecting a tent city on the sidewalk for most of the street.

Ironically, some encampments are in front of boarded blocks which used to be affordable apartments, now earmarked for destruction. Open drug use is commonplace at all hours, according to JJ, and people could be heard rustling and shuffling inside the tents just feet from the blaring mid-afternoon traffic.

Soon joining the urban emptiness could be the four-star Hilton San Francisco Union Square, where rooms are $450-a-night, and the Hilton Parc 55 hotel, where rooms are a little cheaper at $150-a-night. Their owner announced in June it would stop paying a $725m loan, which could potentially leave more than 3,000 rooms empty, although they were both still operational this week.

Crime has gotten so bad in the downtown area employees who work at the nearby Nancy Pelosi Federal Building were recently ordered to stay away and work from home “for the unforeseeable future”.

I love that it’s the Nancy Pelosi building and I love that they are using the term “unforeseeable future.”

Previously: San Francisco: Hundreds of Federal Workers Allegedly Told to Work from Home to Avoid Crime

When they say “unforeseeable future,” they are saying “this is never going to end.”

Basically: “you have to just stay inside forever because just walking on the streets in broad daylight is too dangerous.”

Again, it cannot be stressed enough that the entire concept of the left – going back to the French Revolution, when the anti-monarchists were sitting on the left side of the parliament – is that they have a plan to perfect society through revolutionary changes.

I am not able to think of a single thing that the left has ever made better than it was before they did their revolution. I guess the boomers had a fun time dropping acid and fucking like animals in public spaces. I guess when they were doing that, they thought “doing this is better than not doing this.” Sex, they say, feels good.

And I guess you could say that these people smoking crack and shooting fentanyl on the streets say “I feel better now that I’m high on hard drugs – before, when I was not high on hard drugs, I was feeling pretty down.”

But having promiscuous sex and doing drugs are personal experiences of pleasure. These things harm society as a whole. Good does not come from sin. Sin creates decay.

We are in a state of decay.

To be clear: neither Russia nor China have scenes like this on their streets. They are not mutilating children. They do not celebrate a man ramming his penis into another man’s anus as a highly moral act.

People need to remember, when they see all of these wars: the United States is the bad guy. The United States is on the side of Satan. Russia is on the side of Jesus Himself, and China, though not a Christian country, is on the side of “please calm down, sir.”

The official foreign policy mandate of the United States is “fuck that guy in the ass or we’re going to kill you.”

It’s not good.

It’s of course perfectly logical that a country that behaves like this on the world stage is rotting on the inside.

Everything is very obvious, My Brother in Christ.