San Francisco Public School Enrollment Dropping, White Parents Taking Their Kids Out

It turns out that at least some white people are unwilling to allow their children to be abused in the name of racial justice and anal revolution.

You would think parents would have pushed back sooner.

But better late than never.


The San Francisco public school enrollment is plummeting as mostly white families are fleeing the district, a report at the San Francisco Chronicle said Wednesday.

According to the news report, more than 1,700 public school students have left the city’s district over the past year, with possibly a continued exodus into the start of the next academic year in the fall.

The drop in enrollment could lead to a loss in state funding of about $20 million.

The Chronicle noted a school budget report released Wednesday that found enrollment in the district at the end of the current year was 50,955, the lowest in decades, a drop that was more than three percent lower than enrollment at the end of the 2020 academic year.

A drop of 299 white students, or four percent, was the largest loss to enrollment.

The district’s kindergarten class is seeing a nearly ten percent decline from the previous year, with 3,504 children registered, a number that represents a loss of 374 children.

The Chronicle reported kindergarten applications have experienced a 55 percent drop from white families.

School district spokeswoman Gentle Blythe blamed the pandemic for the significant drop in public school enrollments.

“This year has been filled with uncertainty and challenges for families,” she said. “The pandemic has changed the circumstances of many, not just families in San Francisco. Enrollment decline can be seen in many public school districts.”

Michelle Tandler, a blogger and San Francisco native who is a “moderate Dem,” posted a thread about the school system’s situation that has been getting a lot of play.

She’s actually pushing back against anti-white hatred.

Everyone expected that at some point, there would be pushback to the anti-white agenda, even from “moderate Dem” women.

That’s all fine and well. But we have to wonder if this is just too little, too late.

Extremist race lunatics now firmly occupy the moral high ground according to the media, which is who apparently decides such things.

These tweets from Tandler would absolutely be condemned as evil by the Jewish media establishment.

In order to really resist this Jewish attack on the Christian people, the masses will need to understand one simple thing: we are being attacked for being white, and therefore white people must collectively defend themselves on the basis that they are white.

There is no other option. We cannot just keep saying “I don’t see color.” Even if white people don’t “see color,” their enemies do see color, and therefore it is on that basis that we must launch a defense.

We must say: white people have a right to exist and they have a right to self-determination.