San Francisco Supervisor Wants to Ban Security Guards from Pulling Out Weapons to Stop Thefts

Why should theft be illegal anyway?

I’ve never gotten a good explanation for that.

Isn’t theft good for the economy?

People steal things that someone already paid for, then they sell them again, and that money goes back into the economy.

How many jobs does theft create?


San Francisco Examiner:

San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston announced plans Tuesday to draft legislation that would limit the ability of security guards to use firearms while on the job.

“We must amend local law to prohibit guards from drawing weapons just to protect property,” he wrote on Twitter. “Human life is more important than property.”

Preston’s proposal follows the shooting of Banko Brown, 24, by a security guard at a Market Street Walgreens late last month.

Banko Brown was a good boy who dindu nuffin

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins has not filed charges against Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, who claimed he acted in self-defense during an altercation with Brown.

On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to urge the D.A.’s Office to “release police reports, witness accounts and video information,” related to the shooting.

At the same meeting, Preston made the proposal to prohibit security guards from drawing their weapons to protect property.

Since an amendment made in 1981, the city’s police code allows security guards to unholster their weapons, “in lawful response to an actual and specific threat to person and/or property.”

If anything, security guards should be hired to prevent people who work at the shop from preventing theft.

That’s what’s best for the libertarian capitalist economy, and also in line with the ideals of Marxism – it covers all the bases of our values (who we are in a democracy).