Sanctions Force Company Laying Russian Nord Stream Pipeline to Pull Out!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2019

One of the key principles of the post-WWII and post-Cold War peace ideology was that encouraging trade and cross-border business is a way to guarantee that no new war would break out. It says a lot about the general direction that things are going when not only are these principles abandoned, but they are abandoned explicitly to put Russia under siege. No fig leaves or diplomatic language used.

Just Jewish-style gangster strong-arm tactics.

We gots to put the huyt on these schmucks!

Going forward, the message is loud and clear: any company or country that does business with Russia will be sanctioned and punished by every economic weapon that the US can bring to bear.


Allseas, a Swiss-Dutch company that has been laying underwater tubes for the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline off the Danish coast, has withdrawn both of its pipelaying vessels from the Baltic Sea, Bloomberg news reported.

Allseas announced its decision to wind down operations at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and exit the $11 billion project just before US President Donald Trump signed the 2020 national defense spending bill on Friday, introducing harsh sanctions for the companies involved in the construction of the flagship pipeline. The sanctions would have seen the company’s assets in the US frozen, employees’ visas revoked and the firm itself being put on the blacklist. 

The situation is rapidly becoming intolerable for Russia and for anyone who ZOG isn’t very fond of. You read the letter that they sent this company and you realize that this is Jewish street-gangsterism taken to the international level.

Apparently, Trump recently signed into order some new law that approves “crushing and fatal” sanctions on any company helping Russia do pipelines.

We gots to have a talk with youse, see?

In fact, the letter explicitly tells the company to not even think about rushing down the remaining pipeline before the sanctions take effect, as that would just seal its fate.

Not to belabor the obvious here, but what is the legal basis for doing this?

Whatssittooya, goy?

Contrary to Jewish opinion, there are generally agreed upon international laws and conventions that countries try to follow. There are only two countries that blatantly thumb their noses at the rules and go around doing as they will. They are Israel and the US (whenever it comes to doing Israel’s bidding, of course).

I’m not telling the Europeans anything new here, but America really has become a great dumb golem going to town on anyone that the kikes don’t like.

Germany and Russia have been up in arms over the fresh sanctions crackdown, with Berlin denouncing the move as interference in its domestic affairs. Moscow has, meanwhile, said that the project, that is in its final stages, will be completed regardless.

The EU Commission also emphasized that EU states are against any sanctions targeting its companies legally doing business after the US rolled out a package of penalties against firms participating in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

Now, people will point out – and rightly so – that the US is certainly not the only country with Jews in positions of influence and power. But few countries are so thoroughly in the hands of the Jewish mafia that their entire foreign policy has devolved into Jewish gangsterism on the world stage.

Mike Pompeo in particular looks like the eternal archetype of an obese half-wop, half-Jew gangster shaking down the mom and pop shop on the corner.

He just needs a gold chain, some gold teeth and a few rings on his plump, fat, child-eating fingers and everyone would see it immediately: this is the guy who goes around the world enforcing Jewish mafia rules, and eating the children of anyone who disapproves.