School District Cancels Traditional Halloween Parade Because of “Diversity” and “Safety”

They told you to drop Christmas because the Jews hate Christ (they killed Him, in fact). You went along with that.

They told you to drop Thanksgiving and Columbus Day because you genocided Pocahontas. You went along with that.

But what did Halloween do?

It’s almost like Jews are just trying to totally eradicate your culture and identity as a people, huh?


The annual elementary school Halloween parades of a Pennsylvania school district have been scrapped due to “inclusivity” and “safety” considerations, leading to an uproar on the part of disappointed parents.

The Lower Merion School District of Southeastern Pennsylvania has canceled its planned Halloween parades due to “inclusivity” and “safety” concerns, according to Philadelphia’s 6 ABC Action News.

The outlet reported that letters were sent out to families by school administrators last week informing families that the annual parades would no longer take place at any of the district’s six elementary schools.

The decision has led parents to speak out on the matter, saying the Montgomery County school district’s move is extreme.

The scrapped parades, which have been held by the district for over fifty years, will be replaced with fall-themed activities within the classroom.

Amy Buckman, the director of school and community relations for the Lower Merion School District, was quoted as saying they “continue to work with local law enforcement and county experts about what’s best.”

She also argued that not all of the district’s students celebrate Halloween, and those who do not had to remain in the library during past parades.

“We looked at all of that and we said, ‘Are the parades really that important to the students?’ And the answer we came up with is ‘not really,’” Buckman was quoted as saying.

That’s bullshit. It does matter to the kids. And even if it didn’t matter to the kids, it is a part of the culture, and the job of adults is to transfer the culture onto the kids. That’s really the main job that any people have – having kids, and then teaching kids how to be adults.

Every old person was once a child, and all of the adults who raised that child are now dead. And yet, unless your society is experiencing a full-on collapse, the character of the people should remain the same, generation after generation, even as entire generations die off.

This is not a minor thing. This is what makes a people. The reason they are destroying our holidays is the same reason they are introducing all this weird new stuff: Jews are in the process of committing a genocide against whites (and even, to some extent, the historical black population – there are no blacks complaining about Halloween, I can tell you that).

In response, some parents expressed outrage over the move.

“I feel like it’s just crossing the line and where does it end?” asked Linda Joseph, a parent in the school district. “So, next people are going to be offended by pumpkins? So we’re going to take away pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns or pumpkin carving?”

Another parent, Rachel Gutman, claimed that such cautionary moves are limitless.

“There’s danger in every possible venue in every possible way. So what are you going to do? Cancel everything?” she asked. “I don’t know.”

The answer is obviously “yes.” They already canceled everything they have an excuse to cancel, now they’re just saying “oh well, Halloween is too white.”

There are no religious or racial undertones to Halloween. It is vaguely a time to remember the dead, and to remember what death means, but that is very vague. Mostly, it’s just a fun time for kids to dress up and eat candy.

Christina Nicolosi, a mother with two children at Merion Elementary, said she was “nervous” the canceling could serve as a “gateway” to more extreme actions.

“What’s the next thing that we’re going to be taking away from the kids? Is Valentine’s Day on the chopping block next?” she asked.

Valentine’s Day is hetero-normative.

Plus, Saint Valentine is a Christian Saint.

So, yes, if they haven’t canceled Valentine’s Day yet, that is definitely next.

“Halloween is almost in the same category as Thanksgiving. It’s a secular holiday,” she added. “And I just feel like we’re stripping the joy from elementary school and it’s kind of sad.”

Karin Fox, a parent of a district graduate, described the new policy as a “virtue signal” and a form of “hypocrisy,” adding that people she knows with children enrolled are fearful to protest publicly.

Yeah, no one wants to make Halloween the hill they die on. Everyone knows you can get fired for saying anything now. No one is going to lose their job in defense of Halloween.

“This is so typical for this district — say one thing, do another,” she said. “Appearances over meaningful implementation. Ignore the big, very real issues and eliminate Halloween parades.”

“Will they be canceling recess? School sports — soccer, baseball, lacrosse, etc. What about kids who don’t make those teams?” she added. “Are they no longer inclusive?”

Others took to Twitter to criticize the school district’s decision.

“I hate to sound like a grumpy old man (which I’ve become) or even a Republican (which I’m not!) but this idea that kids can’t be in a setting where every adult has been screened seems bat-guano insane,” wrote Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Will Bunch.

“Karens against Halloween,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Shame on the LM school board. So political,” wrote another.

“Will Lower Merion be canceling the 10/29 home football game in the name of safety or only the Halloween parade?” another user wrote. “Have to keep the kids safe from the mean streets of the Main Line.”

“I see that Lower Merion Schools have canceled Halloween parades for concerns over ‘inclusivity’ as some students don’t celebrate Halloween,” wrote yet another. “Can we apply that logic to Pride festival stuff?”

“My non-gay friends don’t celebrate that, so feel ‘excluded,’” the user added. “Asking for a friend.”

This is not the first time schools have expressed concern that Halloween might offend certain children.

Last year, several elementary schools decided to cancel the holiday.

In Seattle, Washington, Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary School canceled Halloween because the Racial Equity Team claimed it “marginalizes students of color who do not celebrate the holiday.”

In a statement to KTTH, a Seattle Public Schools spokeswoman said the school’s pumpkin parade makes “students of color” feel isolated, telling parents and students to partake in Halloween festivities elsewhere.

In East Lansing, Michigan, as many as “six elementary schools” canceled Halloween festivities due to the holiday’s apparent lack of inclusivity.

As City Pulse reported, principals from Donley, Marble, Whitehills and Robert L. Green elementary schools sent a joint letter to parents this week saying that school district officials expressed concern that celebrating Halloween could have “unintended consequences.”

What are the “unintended consequences”?

Will a Moslem student do terrorism again?

That sounds like a legitimate concern, but if that is the concern, it should be explicated.