Scotland: Diversity Stabber Didn’t Like “Spaghetti and Macaroni Cheese”

There was yet another mass stabbing this week, this time in Glasgow, Scotland, at a hotel downtown that had been converted into an asylum center.

You’ve just been stabbed in the gut, white man. But don’t worry. As your lifeblood is draining away, be comforted by the thought that it wasn’t a terrorist attack; just an ordinary Diversity Rampage. This seems to be the core message politicians and their helpmeets in the propaganda press wish to communicate to the peasantry today.


The Glasgow attacker was apparently Sudanese. You can tell he was just a crazy bastard rather than a terrorist from the fact that he attacked his fellow brown people. One white cop was hurt but most, and maybe all, of the other victims seem to be of the brown-skinned persuasion.

Some of the more insightful racists on the internet have noticed something that mainstream journalists haven’t yet: that in terror attacks from the Bataclan to London Bridge, the perpetrators have been deliberately targeting white people and letting brown people go.

One of the basic rules of the multicult game seems to be that when brown people do bad things, you have to find a way to Blame Whitey for them. The Blame Whitey line on this stabbing spree is that the asylum seekers weren’t given good enough conditions. Their culinary and accommodation provisions didn’t meet the high standards they had grown accustomed to in the Turd World. You should have given the brown people better conditions, racist. Then you wouldn’t have got stabbed.

What exactly was the cause of the latest armed chimp-out? Apparently the free food Whitey was serving up to him wasn’t much to the Diversity Stabber’s liking. It wasn’t “culturally appropriate.” The Daily Telegraph reports that asylum scammers at the Park Inn Hotel, where the stab rampage took place, had been “complaining about getting spaghetti and macaroni cheese all the time. It wasn’t culturally appropriate for them.”

Evil Whitey obviously needs to learn the lesson that Culturally Appropriate Diets Matter. Until then, the fight for Culinary Justice, and the stab rampages which are really just unusually emphatic protests, will have to continue. No Couscous, no Peace.

The good, brainwashed people of Glasgow will no doubt be happy to take this lesson to heart. Here they were just one week ago bending the knee for Diversity.