Secret Jew Tunnels Contain Filthy Mattress, Apparently from Some Sickening Ritual


This will give you nightmares.

What the hell are the Jews doing in these filthy tunnels?


Chaotic scenes erupted at a synagogue in New York on Monday when a group of young Orthodox Jewish men attempted to stop construction workers filling in a network of secret underground tunnels.

When the tunnels were discovered in December at the Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, the synagogue’s leaders called in construction crews to flood them with concrete.

But a group of Chabad-Lubavitch students in their teens and early twenties gathered at the building on Monday afternoon in an attempt to protect the hidden passageways.

Videos from the scene captured Orthodox men vandalising a cement truck that had begun to pump cement into the tunnel.

Others were seen entering the building and tearing up wood paneling, revealing a network of pathways beneath. Several of the men ran into the tunnels to stop them being filled, while one used a hammer to smash the synagogue wall to make the tunnel wider.

The group also overturned seats and confronted police officers.

In another video, a young Orthodox Jewish man climbs out of a hole in the pavement outside the building, then runs away.

Footage of the chaos quickly went viral on social media. On X, footage of a showdown between police and a crowd of Orthodox Jewish men inside the building has amassed more than five million views.

In the clip, three men stand inside the tunnel with one casually sipping a drink.

Social media users expressed their confusion at the scene, with many asking: ‘What am I looking at here?’

A woman named Emma Batsheva Saulz captured the collective thought, writing: ‘I’m really not sure what I just watched but it’s wild.’

10 people were arrested by the New York Police Department and the synagogue has since been closed.

It’s unclear why the tunnels were created. The website Forward claims that the tunnels were dug to ‘expand’ the 770 building.



I don’t really think I believe that explanation.

The Forward did not explain the mattress.

There’s a baby highchair down there.


This all looks like it’s related to secret satanic rituals, presumably involving human sacrifice and cannibalism.

That would certainly explain why there was a rush to fill the tunnels before they were even investigated. Typically, if a secret network of tunnels is discovered, someone from law enforcement is going to try and figure out what the tunnel system was used for.

Instead, the NYPD ordered cement poured in to destroy all evidence of whatever it was that was going on down there.

I have no idea why the young Hasidim were trying to stop the cops from destroying the tunnels. I could understand stopping them from investigating, but the cops weren’t trying to investigate.

Here’s the thing: these tunnel networks likely exist throughout the city. Look at the footage of the tunnel. It is structurally sound. That wasn’t the first tunnel whoever dug it had built.

Jews probably have an entire network of tunnels throughout Crown Heights, and probably elsewhere.

The fact that the media isn’t even attempting to explain what the hell this even is should tell everyone a lot. The media is also not attempting to explain why the immediate response of the NYPD to the discovery of the tunnel was to fill it with cement.

What is that mattress? What else is down there?

Jews have been accused of being involved in satanic rituals for as long as there have been Jews.

Let’s make sure this story doesn’t just disappear.

It feels like God is exposing everything to the world, on purpose.

Maybe 2024 won’t be so bad after all?