Secular-Atheist Vagino-Anal MCU Vegan-Vaccinationist Global Warmingism has Failed

I’ve recently been pondering the Koran burnings in Sweden quite a bit. To be clear, the Swedish government, which is incredibly censorious, is effectively doing state-backed Koran burning events at central, public locations.

This situation really demonstrates the scam that is “multiculturalism.”

First, we may note that this system is not “multiculturalism”; it’s multiracial uniculturalism. Moslems are invited into white countries not for their culture, but for their race.

Moreover, this gigantic society-destroying experiment in demographic transformation is not about “love for everyone” or any of this other childish, feel-good tripe. If they loved these people so much that they wanted them to have a higher standard of living, they would just set up programs to aid them in their own countries.

No Aspect of This Globalist Agenda is Capable of Maintaining Form Under Scrutiny

There are several different things happening:

  • The government/media is claiming it wants “diversity” in society
  • The government/media is claiming that we have to help people escaping wars (or whatever)
  • The government/media is claiming we are experiencing a population decline
  • The government/media is claiming that whites are being punished with mass immigration because of the racist sins of our ancestors
  • The government/media is actively stating that it is a goal to create a single “multicultural” world where everyone is some shade of brown.

These things are all very difficult sells, and the idea that they are all equally valid explanations for mass racial replacement is preposterous. Never mind the fact that it is being prioritized above all else, even as society, by all accounts, is coming unglued.

No one has explained any benefit to “diversity” as a general matter, beyond claiming that it creates options for different kinds of restaurants. Diversity is not generally considered beneficial. Typically, the more similar they are, the better people get along with one another. This is pretty basic human biology.

These claims of escaping wars are usually false. We all remember (I hope) that in 2015, the US media was showing boats of black Africans landing in Europe and claiming they were “escaping the brutal civil war in Syria.” This was openly exploiting the fact that Americans who support mass immigration do not know what “Syria” is or what the people from that country look like. Further, this is openly a “Wars+” system, where you can be escaping anything. Americans have taken in more immigrants than anyone, and there are no wars south of our border. The New York Times said earlier this year that seven million people had fled Venezuela and they were likely all coming to America. There is no starvation in Venezuela. These people are poor, I’m sure, but they are escaping the fact that their government doesn’t give them $2,200 a month in free money. (We could also discuss the effects of the US sanctions against Venezuela, but we won’t.)

It was demonstrated with data during the 2015 “migrant crisis” that it was seven times more efficient to help people in their own countries. That number was repeated by anti-migration advocates, and never challenged by the establishment. It means that the money goes seven times further. Since there are hundreds of millions of poor all over the world, you can’t possibly help them all, but what this means is that the money that is put into this program would go seven times further. Therefore, for every one person you bring in as an immigrant, you are “sacrificing the well-being” of six others.

The real cost is obviously much higher than any of the numbers we are working with when you consider the total costs of welfare, the rise in crime, the strain on the education system, and so on. This will go on indefinitely – generationally – whereas with foreign humanitarian aid, you ideally try to help people get back on their feet, and then they take care of themselves. When you consider that this could last thousands upon thousands of years – in fact, it could last until Kingdom Come – we are actually talking about “infinity money.”

What’s more, America could also be making money by investing in these countries. Raising the standard of living in the countries these people are coming from could be coupled with increased import-export prices. China has demonstrated proof of concept here with their partners in Africa and Southeast Asia. They’ve dumped huge amounts of capital into these countries. The money has trickled down to the average person, while China is making a profit on trade.

Clearly, it is not about the money for the people making these decisions, and in all honesty, it’s not about the money for the people opposing them. When you get further down the bullet-point list above, you get into the real reasons for this – there is a deep hostility by the media towards white people, towards Western civilization. The fact that they are now stating outright that they want to replace white people, that replacing white people is a good thing, should be shocking, and yet we’ve been so desensitized to it that they can say it openly, just like that, and there is no negative reaction.

In 2014, TIME Magazine ran a cover story showing the “future face of America” as totally mixed race, explaining that they used computers to generate facial models mixing all of the people together.

In 2015, the blundering Irishman Joe Biden, with one of his Jewish handlers at his side and visible in the widely-shared video clip, noted that in 2017, whites would be in the minority of babies born, and stated outright that fewer white people is “the source of our strength.”

At the same time, these people who hold the power are telling you as one of their mantras that “race doesn’t exist,” which adds another layer of convolution and confusion. If race does not exist, and white governments are actively hostile to the values, worldview, identity, and religion of the overwhelming mass of nonwhite people, and if the financial decisions appear suicidal, then why is every white country, sans a few in Eastern Europe (primarily Russia), demanding that whites roll over and surrender their home to strangers?

The only possible explanation is that they are hurting white people on purpose.

They never cared about these “poor, victimized” brown people. It was always about hurting you. They don’t care if they also hurt them in the process. In fact, they are actively seeking to hurt them as well. You have programs to spread feminism and homosexuality in the Third World. Uganda recently passed new laws criminalizing homosexuality (after Western pressure had legalized it), and the West, led by the United States, is actively seeking to starve them out, denying them access to the debt system that their entire economy was structured around.

France, like Sweden, actively encourages Moslems to come to their country and then tries to destroy their culture and identity. You would think that after the recent “riots” – which in fact looked much more like a war than multiple riots – they would be reconsidering their relationship with the Moslems. Instead, they’ve decided to ban traditional Islamic clothing for girls in schools.


The French government’s decision to ban children from wearing the abaya, the loose-fitting, full-length robes worn by some Muslim women, in state-run schools drew applause on Monday from the right, but also criticism.

France has enforced a ban on religious symbols in state schools since 2004, to uphold its strict brand of secularism, known as “laicite”. The topic is a sensitive one, regularly triggering political tension in the country.

“Our schools are continually put under test, and over the past months, breaches to laicite have increased considerably, in particular with (pupils) wearing religious attire like abayas and kameez,” Education Minister Gabriel Attal told a news conference to explain Sunday’s ban.

These people were invited to France. The invitation continues to be open. Even after those scenes of incredible violence, France is continuing to let people fly in, or cross through various paths. Instead of reversing the immigration trend, they are intensifying it, and the response is to further agitate them.

Why would you bring these people from their countries if you were planning to destroy their culture? The “population bomb” is nonsense, and not a real issue at all, but even if you believe it, it is the result of decades of policy discouraging white women from breeding. That could easily be reversed through government subsidies for families and pressures on women. You could do it at any time by changing the school system and the various feminist laws – it would be like flipping a switch. The current young generation would have kids.

To be clear, the head of the education ministry, Gabriel Attal, is Jewish.

He’s apparently identified as a “conservative.” French conservatives are celebrating this decision as some kind of blow against immigrants.

What is the goal of these “conservatives”? They want Moslems in France, but they want to force their daughters to be whores? What sort of goal is that? What purpose does it serve? Whose purpose does it serve?

We know for a fact that secularization has not led to positive outcomes. The outcomes have been overwhelmingly negative, and have increased Islamic extremist behavior. This is because the Moslems feel they are being attacked.

Again, you can analyze this based on their own premises: if they actually wanted to seek some kind of multi-racial balance, they would allow Moslems the funding to run their own state schools, which would be allowed to teach Islamic values, but with the caveat that it had to promote peaceful Islam and peaceful coexistence in France. They would also teach French children respect for the Islamic religion. This would deescalate the entire situation. Christians and Moslems have lived alongside each other before, and they do now in the Levant (Lebanon is 40% Christian). All of this violent Islamic behavior in Europe is fueled by the clear understanding that their way of life is under threat by their hosts.

Of course, even if the French pulled back on this anti-Islamic agenda that they’ve coupled with their mass Islamic immigration policy, you may still have some religious violence. You’d definitely have more violence generally from the brown people than the French – that is just biology (the “warrior gene” and so on). But you would not have these “riots” that are total war zones.

All things being equal, the situation would not be sustainable indefinitely. The Moslems would just slowly outbreed the native people over a period of generations, as French men began marrying Islamic women because they preferred traditional marriage (where there is an actual contract where both parties have obligations) to the free-for-all slut system of state feminism. It would end up being a totally Islamic country. You would then be able to sit back and in hindsight, see a wave of the decline of France through the state atheism program, with Islam filling the void left by the suppression of Catholicism.

If you take the “big love” agenda as espoused by the media at face value, there is not a single thing the overwhelmingly Jewish Western elite do that makes any sense. If you work through it, step by step, you will find that they are acting counterintuitively to their own stated agenda at every step.

A Failed Society

In France, they began this “multiculturalism” experiment early, just after World War II. One may offer that the French elite are on a mission to prove that they can domesticate the savages. If they could bring in tens of millions of Moslems, and convert them to secular-atheist vagino-anal Marvel Cinematic Universe vegan-vaccinationist global warmingism, they would then prove that the world could be united under this system, and therefore, a utopia is possible.

However, as we’ve seen, secular-atheist vagino-anal Marvel Cinematic Universe vegan-vaccinationist global warmingism is an unsustainable system in itself. It leads to systemic failure on all levels of society.

In the collective West, alongside this program of mass immigration and the constant racial strife that comes with it, we are witnessing:

  • Widespread drug abuse
  • Obesity
  • Skyrocketing crime
  • A collapsing birthrate
  • Nigh universal mental health crises (which are now being treated with assisted suicide)
  • Drastic wealth disparity
  • A debt crisis
  • Collective obsession with foreign wars
  • A totally toxic environment, filled with poisonous chemicals that are altering our biology

And those are just some of the things that some people in the establishment might be willing to still admit are negative. They claim that atheism, homosexuality (including child homosexuality), promiscuity, fetishism, pornography, the collapse of the nuclear family, and single motherhood are actually good things. This is the standard pitch: take something that has been considered negative throughout history and claim it is good. Say that over and over, and then actively promote it. People will eventually accept it, and you have effectively fixed the problem.

Towards a Machine Utopia?

If you look at the materials of the elite, instead of addressing the total failure of an atheistic, materialistic, consumeristic society, they claim that new technologies are coming and that humans will merge with machines. Humans will become immortal through the use of nanobots designed by AI. However, if that is the goal, then you are already talking about effectively exterminating the human species, so what is the purpose of all of this social progressivism and push to reshape mankind?

FOOTNOTE: If you don't know what I'm talking about here, you can simply search "nanobots in our brains," "self-assembling DNA nanobots," or "clouds of nanobots" (AKA "utility fog"). These people at the World Economic Forum, in Silicon Valley, and very often in Brussels, claim that they can connect everyone's brain with tiny robots that infiltrate your bloodstream and then can rewrite your DNA and control your thoughts. You can think whatever you want about that, but it is widely believed in, and promoted by, the most powerful people in the Western world.

If the goal were actually this utopian ideal of merging humans into the machines, then you would just focus on doing that in Western, white society. You would want these societies to remain peaceful and productive as you developed this technology. Once the technology was developed, you could exterminate the Third World using nanobots, or, you could use the nanobots to integrate the Third World into this machine system.

If you are going to create a “global super-brain,” there is truly no point in demonstrating that you can make “multiculturalism” work by getting a bunch of Moroccans to have gay sex. Homosexuality and trannyism would not be relevant to the global super-brain, which would transcend humanity. The dopamine that is released by sex could be released at will, and would be felt by all, and anyway, individuals would not exist anymore.

These swarms of nanobots could be released into the air globally, and then go inside everyone’s bodies. When the DNA is being rewritten at will by the hivemind, and flesh is likely to be discarded entirely in favor of building machine-intelligence molecules from the ground up, race doesn’t matter, and “sexual preference” doesn’t matter. At this point, nothing matters.

If this kind of machine world – which they call “the Singularity,” a term coined by the Jew Ray Kurzweil – was the actual goal, everything would have been done much differently. You would focus all of your resources into this. Not only would there be no need for immigration or multiculturalism, there would be no need for war with Russia or China. Yet, the World Economic Forum (WEF) – which is now the primary elitist organization, having revealed itself as a hidden hand during the coronavirus pandemic hoax in order to acclimate people to the idea of a global elite ruling through dictate – is promoting these ideas of “transhumanism” while also promoting war with Russia and China.

If you simply look at the YouTube channel of the WEF, you’ll find endless videos of discussion about this machine utopia. The homosexual atheist Jew Yuval Noah Harari is very aggressive in his speeches about replacing the human species with a new machine race. In the below 2018 speech at Davos, he says that humans will be replaced with “entities.”

If this is actually what these people believe, what could possibly be the purpose of a war with China?

Whites have always been more creative than Asians, despite Asians having a slight advantage in average IQ. Whites would be the ones to ultimately build the nanobots. If any of these ideas about this “Singularity” were actually being taken seriously, the last thing you would want is a global war. If this nanobot hive-mind is actually a feasible scheme, then if the Chinese developed it first, it would make no difference. The end result is the same, regardless of who develops the hive-mind technology.

The Only Explanation for Any of This is That Jews Want to Destroy All Life

Within the sanitized – and, quite frankly, extremely Jewish – mainstream conservative movement, they are now talking about a “woke mind virus.” In reality, the majority of these things that are being promoted cannot be explained by spiraling liberal ideology (which is in itself totally Jewish, by the way). We are in fact infected with a Jewish virus that is attempting to destroy all life on earth.

Some people might imagine that talking about this plan for a new race of cyborg is silly. It’s likely that those people don’t understand just how obsessed the elite is with this concept. Regardless, it’s necessary, in my view, to go through every possible scenario, and realize that there is no scenario in which any of the things happening right now make any sense. The only explanation is that the world is on a path to total destruction, and that every institution of power in the West is pushing towards that end.

The only way any of these things that are happening in the world can even be comprehended is that the people in charge have no goals at all, save destruction in general. That’s what mass immigration is about. That’s why the narrative is so confusing, and no matter what angle you come at it from, you can’t find an adequate explanation as to why this is being promoted not simply by activists, but by the entire elite establishment – all at once, everywhere, with no dissenting voices or discussion allowed. You will find the same is true with all of these other agendas being shoved down our throats.

There is no theory or ideology that can explain any of this.

In my opinion, the world we are witnessing today is only fathomable in the context of the Christian paradigm of reality, wherein the devil exists, and the Jews are in league with the devil. Jews are the enemy of all mankind, carrying upon their heads the curse of murdering Christ, and they are working towards exterminating all life on earth.

FOOTNOTE: You could technically invent some system that has a god and a devil and Jews as the hand of the devil without believing in Christianity. However, Christianity exists and provides every explanation you need to understand what is happening in reality. When you realize that there is a force of good that created life on earth, however - which there must necessarily be, if there is also a force of evil that wants to destroy life - it is only logical that this benevolent force would reveal itself to man, and that all of the most intelligent men in Western history would have come to a consensus about the nature of this force and its revelation. Yet, we do not see any alternative system that explains this dynamic, other than Islam, which was traditionally viewed as a heretical form of Christianity. (If you consider it, you will realize Islam is fundamentally very similar to Mormonism. It takes the Christian religion and then adds some extra steps.)

Jesus, Help Us!

This is how I personally came to developing a full-hearted faith in Jesus Christ: I worked through all of the details of the nature of our situation here in reality, and came to the conclusion that there was only one explanation for it. This is the single way, in my view, that you can become capable of fighting against this evil system: you have to have given your entire self to Jesus. Without that, you end up bargaining with yourself, justifying selling your soul, as we’ve seen so many people do. Ultimately, there is a self-serving motivation here, as the Christian seeks eternal life by engaging in virtue. Only if you truly believe that with your entire being are you able to stand and fight, and resist the temptations of this world, which will surely come for you.

It’s been a strange journey for me, personally. Since I was a boy, I sought to understand the world. Though I vaguely considered myself “Christian” when I started this website, it has been in this period that I have truly developed into a Christian, believing with all of my heart. Fascinatingly, I don’t think there is much of anything that I wrote before entering this process that I would strongly disagree with now. Becoming a serious Christian has given me further insight, which I can add on to what I’ve previously written, but I was always seeking truth, and if you are seeking truth, it is plain that you are on the path to Christ.

FOOTNOTE: I'm sure I could find specific rare things I would disagree with from my previous writings, but this is true of anyone who writes over a ten-year period, regardless. Every philosopher went back and altered things - if they were born knowing everything, they would have ended philosophy as soon as they could write by revealing the full truth of reality. Some people would say that the vulgarities I've used and still continue to use are "not Christian," but this is really a Puritan concept that is in no way fundamental to Christianity. God has moved my heart in a lot of ways over the years, but I've never felt as though I needed to wholly reject stylistic vulgarity. As to a specific thing that I shouldn't have done: I should have always edited out the breasts when posting pictures of Femen protesters, as this can compel lust (I was aware of this at the time, but just sort of figured that the society is so flooded with pornography that we are all desensitized - I see now this was the wrong approach). This is the way I look at it now: that I have an obligation not to lead the reader - who is a brother - into sin. There is no sin that is being tempted through vulgarity. Of course, none of us want to go around being identified as rude, because while not a sin, it is anti-social. However, I make humorous materials for teenagers, and I do not see a problem with dirty or extreme jokes. Solomon the Wise said that the best thing any man can do is eat, drink, and be merry. There is not a lot of merriment these days (which is probably why the eating and drinking has become so extreme), and I think I'm able to provide that through various types of humor, including edgy humor. I am personally melancholy by nature, and the humor that I write cheers me up; others have told me it does the same for them. I've thought significantly about the race stuff, and come to the conclusion that basically everything I've written on the matter is correct. I've possibly been dehumanizing towards some of the other races, which can be negative (depending on context - I think racial humor is fine), because we should understand that all men are created by God and have souls, but on the whole, I see nothing wrong with the basic racial view I began this site with. Specifically, racial separatism based on biological differences is simply an obvious good. We can see in the natural world that God creates a balance of all life, and clearly, race-mixing does not typically lead to a balance of life. Breeds of dogs exist, and kennels don't put poodles in with the pit bulls, because they know that would be disastrous. Sin is a very specific thing, and I don't think you can categorize race-mixing as a sin. However, on the whole, it is an overwhelmingly negative behavior, which does not lead to good outcomes. For the record, I think the Jewish agenda to promote population transfer and race-mixing is a sin, because it is done with the express intent of sowing chaos, of causing destruction and death. It is done in the spirit of wrath, it is done out of hatred for white people foremost, as Jewish wrath is always firstly targeted at the people who spread Christianity throughout the earth, but it is also done out of a hatred for all mankind. It is designed to trigger hatred between races that would otherwise have no problems with each other if they were living in separate areas. This is very different than a frontiersman or Conquistador baptizing an Indian or Aztec squaw and taking her as a wife because he didn't bring any women with him on his journey. I've intended to do an essay analyzing and clarifying things I've written which I wouldn't have written now, or would have written differently, as well as explaining things that people will claim are "not Christian," but I think for now, this footnote should suffice.

Clearly, you end up with a bell curve type meme here, where the lowest intelligence group is saying “liberalism is evil and the work of the devil” and the highest intelligence group is coming to the same conclusion. The midwits, meanwhile, are either attempting to implement some kind of utopia, or they are coming up with complex theories about the nature and goals of the elite.

Unfortunately, you can’t sit down with Klaus Schwab or his Jewish handler Noah Harari and ask them to explain why, if they are bringing forth a post-human world, it is important that we have mass immigration, wars with Russia and China, and promote transgenderism. However, some people with various ideologies and theories that they use to explain what is happening in the world right now outside of Christianity may engage you, and you will find that you always hit a wall, where they will either become angry and end the discussion, or perhaps in some cases simply say “I don’t know.” It is only the Christian worldview that can explain everything that is happening on earth right now. (Again, Moslems have a similar view of things, though their philosophy is much different (given that they lack a personal, loving identity of God), and I’ve found them to be generally hostile when discussing differences in philosophy. However, I think they would agree with more or less everything else. I don’t know how Far East peoples would view this information; I suspect, as with everything else, they would simply nod knowingly, while not really elaborating on their own views. As a rule, I would say that a follower of any religion, aside from paganism, satanism, or Evangelical Jew-worship, is legitimately seeking God in some way, and if they are not Christian, it is either because they do not have the full information or they get lost in their own egoism and personal agendas.

And to Conclude

The issue of supposed “multiculturalists” suppressing, demeaning, and insulting Islam after inviting Moslems to come live among them is certainly a great jumping off point to analyze the nature of this society. As I’ve done here, as best I was able, this single issue is capable of being extrapolated to prove that there is no possible way that the people in control of our society have anything good planned for us or, in fact, anything good planned for themselves. Our society is run by the Jews – every major policy plan can be traced back to these people – and Jews are a force of pure destruction. They cannot create a utopia. They cannot create anything. They are only capable of destruction.

Even when they founded their own nation, the Jews did so by destroying another nation. There were places all over the world where Israel could have been established other than inside of Palestine. Yet, they chose to build their nation on the corpses of Palestinians. The nation also only exists through parasitism, and is eventually going to trigger a massive, global war if it is not abolished. In the case of Israel, you do not have Jews building something, but rather organizing destruction. Through the Israeli project, they organized this hatred that the Moslems now have for white people and the West and then they brought them into our countries and started purposefully agitating them by berating and attacking their most sacred beliefs.

There are so many different issues in the world that you can look at and then extrapolate the entire truth of reality from. The tranny issue is another; in this case, we are being asked to believe that atheists believe that souls can be trapped in the wrong bodies. You can take the point that they claim to be materialists and yet also believe the consciousness is separate from the body, and understand that this agenda could only be about hurting people on purpose. The same is true of women’s liberation, or the pre-tranny “classic homo” agenda.

The lies are always visible, for all to see, in the materials of the Jews themselves, and it has come to me that the only reason people are incapable of seeing things so profoundly obvious is that they are blinded by the devil through their sin. When we look at the conservative political movement, we truly witness the blind leading the blind.

The politics are relevant, because that is where this is all happening. But there has only ever been one solution. Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He is the only thing that is going to shine truth on our present situation, and the truth is the only thing that is going to fix any of this. We need the whole truth, not a partial truth, and we need men who understand that this life means very little in the scheme of things, as it is only a flicker in the life of our eternal souls.