South Africa: Rainbow Nation Turns Blood-Red with Riots, Mass Looting and Vigilantism

The entire third world is on fire.

You’re probably not paying much attention to that, because you’re dealing with a lunatic virus hoax, along with homosexuals coming for your children, an economic collapse, and third worlders creating chaos in your own country.

South Africa is officially in the worst state, as of this week, of any third world country – and they are a country that is already on-board with the globalist agenda.

At this point, the globalists are just creating chaos for the sake of chaos, so they can come in with their solution: a global high-tech police state ruled by a tiny elite minority of unelected technocrats.


Violence is sweeping parts of South Africa, with the government deploying the military to support police in some provinces amid looting and several deaths, according to developing reports.

Mass looting is taking place in KwaZulu-Natal province, in particular, home of former South African president Jacob Zuma, 79, who is facing corruption charges and has been sent to prison for contempt of court after refusing to attend an inquiry into “state capture” when he held office.

Riots and looting, reportedly initiated by supporters of Zuma, who is appealing his sentence, are particularly pronounced in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, North Coast, South Coast, and Inland areas of KwaZulu-Natal, according to local reports, with the police also requiring military support in Gauteng province.

A prison break was also attempted in KwaZulu-Nata, with fires being lit at the Umzinto Correctional Centre and one inmate reported dead in the resulting fracas:

While a full picture of what is going on in the post-apartheid state is still emerging, the aforementioned prison inmate is not the only reported fatality.

Abdi Ismaeel, a spokesman for the Somali community in Durban, has claimed that at least three Somalis have been killed since Monday.

A mosque has also been set on fire in Mayville Durban.

“They were not fighting, they were running for their lives. They were innocent people. We don’t know how they died,” Ismaeel said, alleging that there are “no police” — and indeed that “Police are themselves are targets. You call police they can’t come.”

Well, I mean…

…no one likes Somalians.

This is basically a war, with rioters just opening fire on the cops all across the country.

Citizens’ militias of Indians and whites are now forming to fight back, because the cops are useless.

It is literally The Walking Dead.

The deputy secretary-general of the governing ANC, Jessie Duarte, had an interesting quote, saying the violence “is planned – it is someone sitting somewhere planning it.”

She’s a smart bitch.

But I wonder: who would plan something like this?

Is there some group of people, somewhere, who is planning to purposefully create chaos across the entire planet, in furtherance of some goal that they have?

Here are some bonus looting videos. These blacks make American blacks look like amateurs.

Yesterday during the looting, there was a touching scene of a toddler being thrown off a roof into the hands of a crowd. It’s not clear if the toddler had been looted, or if the toddler was taking part in the looting but got tired and needed sleepy time.

Just look at this.

The coronavirus hoax was intended to kick off an age of chaos. It was intended to confuse and disorient you, so you would be more susceptible to accepting unacceptable conditions.

It was a diversion created to keep you occupied with meaningless nonsense while very important changes happened everywhere. Some serious percentage of the white population of the West still believes that there is a dangerous virus on the loose. Probably at least half, even in America.

This is all just getting started.