South Korea: Over 150 People Killed in Spooky Halloween Stampede

Koreans are supposed to have much higher IQs than whites, but I’ve never seen this happen in a white country.


The South Korean president has declared a week of nationwide mourning after a deadly stampede during Halloween celebrations in Seoul on Saturday night claimed the lives of over 150 people, including at least 19 foreigners from multiple states.

At least four citizens of Russia, all females, were killed in the crowd crush, Moscow’s embassy in Seoul confirmed on Sunday.

China also said that three of its nationals lost their lives in the tragedy. The Chinese embassy said it had “activated an emergency response mechanism” to provide assistance to any Chinese nationals who were injured or might be seeking help.

Seoul authorities also identified several victims from Iran, Uzbekistan and Norway, with Yonhap news agency reporting at least 19 foreigners among the dead.

As of 9am Sunday morning, the death toll stood at 151 with another 82 injured, according to the fire service. Most of the victims were in their late teens or 20s.

“It’s truly horrific,” President Yoon Suk-yeol said on Sunday, calling the stampede a “tragedy and disaster that should never have happened.”

The tragedy unfolded in Seoul’s main nightlife district on Saturday, as up to 100,000 people converged on the area for late-night Halloween celebrations.

It’s funny that it happened on Halloween, which is the spooky holiday.

Someone must have gotten seriously spooked out.

Anyway, whatever. I don’t really care about this news story and I can’t think of anything to say about it beyond that it’s a spooky Halloween trampling and that we should redo those IQ tests because you have to be very stupid to do this.