Spain: 500 Invaders “Rescued” in Two Days

Daily Stormer
August 12, 2014

Typical African immigrants in Spain
Typical African immigrants in Spain

Imagine if during the previous invasions by the Muslims, we would have been helping them get into Europe so that we could give them free things.

How much suffering will be caused to the Spanish people by these 500? How many robberies will there be? How many rapes? Do the lives of European people have any value at all? Or do we exist simply to please third world people?

Does anyone believe this behavior makes sense?


The Spanish sea rescue service says it has picked up more than 500 migrants trying to enter Spain clandestinely by crossing the Strait of Gibraltar in boats from north Africa over the past two days.

A spokesman said 232 migrants were intercepted early Tuesday traveling in 23 boats. On Monday, the service intercepted 299 migrants in 29 boats.

The migrants were taken to the southern port of Tarifa for medical attention. All were said to be in good health.

They came searching for a better life. What they found was free everything and muh dik.