Spain Sentences 15 Schoolchildren for Generating AI Deepfake Nudes of Classmates

So this is like, a real crime now.

There’s no victim and there is no law.

But they’ll just put you in jail now because a woman cried about someone hurting her stupid childish feelings.

The Guardian:

A court in south-west Spain has sentenced 15 schoolchildren to a year’s probation for creating and spreading AI-generated images of their female peers in a case that prompted a debate on the harmful and abusive uses of deepfake technology.

Police began investigating the matter last year after parents in the Extremaduran town of Almendralejo reported that faked naked pictures of their daughters were being circulated on WhatsApp groups.

The mother of one of the victims said the dissemination of the pictures on WhatsApp had been going on since July.

“Many girls were completely terrified and had tremendous anxiety attacks because they were suffering this in silence,” she told Reuters at the time. “They felt bad and were afraid to tell and be blamed for it.”

On Tuesday, a youth court in the city of Badajoz said it had convicted the minors of 20 counts of creating child abuse images and 20 counts of offences against their victims’ moral integrity.

Each of the defendants was handed a year’s probation and ordered to attend classes on gender and equality awareness, and on the “responsible use of technology”.

Police identified several teenagers aged between 13 and 15 as being responsible for generating and sharing the images.

They’re not “child abuse images” if they’re fake images.

This is a fake law.

It’s chud abuse.